Pokemon Go players share simple trick to finish “near impossible” Timed Investigation

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Go Adventures Abound season

Some Pokemon Go players are struggling to finish the Adventures Abound Timed Investigation raid task, but the Reddit Pokemon community has some tips to help out.

Not all Pokemon Go players can access the many group features Niantic’s game has, and Timed Investigations often require those to finish them. In the Adventures Abound season, the investigation gives players the Master Ball but there’s a catch.

With 8000 XP as a reward and the ultimate Pokeball at the end of the line, Pokemon Go’s current seasonal investigation tasked players with finishing over 60 raid battles. A Reddit user struggled with this last one since they “had been trying so hard” to find easy raids or groups where they lived.

Also pointing out the increase in Remote Raid Pass prices, and 3-star shadow raids “near impossible to solo”, Reddit user Tatertot1292 took the complaint to the community. Hopefully, the Pokemon Go subreddit responded very well and with some great tips for the OP’s troubles.

With the “Win 60 raids” objective in mind, users responded to the OP’s post with some useful tips to follow during specific weekends. Reddit user LC0311 said that a Saturday day trip to a nearby city “might be worth it” to advance the raid count on raid day.

The road trip would be worth it, according to the Pokemon Go subreddit, if you spend “$5 to get 8 raid passes plus the 2x stardust and 50% from raids.” Adding that to the 5 free raid passes and the daily one the game gifts to players, they can aim for a total of 14 raids in one afternoon.

User Tatertot1292 said that’s “great advice,” and emphasized the importance of taking advantage of raid days or events of the like. All these tips are pointed out towards having some options that don’t require spending money, but users highlight that paying “up to 10 Remote Raid Passes” is also a good choice.

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