Pokemon Go players call for nerf to popular PvP meta pick

Lucas Simons
PvP Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go PvP fans are calling out for a nerf to one of the most broken Pokemon in competitive play, and they say, “It’s about time this thing gets nerfed!”

For pro Pokemon trainers, having a balanced team is key to triumphing in the harsh Pokemon Go competitive scene. But many species in the mobile game are currently under the spotlight, as many players believe they are quite broken. Especially one in particular: Gligar.

During the recent Portland Regional Championship, this particular species dominated the meta, as it was part of 90% of the top teams that led the competition.

However, not all players are happy with Gligar’s popularity, as it appears to be breaking the current competitive balance and has many players calling for a nerf to this Flying/Ground-type Pokemon.

Thanks to Reddit user ‘PolymersUp,’ who showcased this grid with the Pokemon Go World Championship Series analysis in the TheSilphRoad community, players have witnessed how Gligar, or more precisely, Shadow Gligar, is dominating the meta.

Players have various reactions to this, but most of them agree on the fact that Shadow Gligar seems to be a little bit overpowered: “So basically. If you don’t have a Shadow Gligar, you lose.” Another player added: “Boring meta.”

Some players are even asking about a revision of the stats of this particular Pokemon, as its reign of terror seems to have just begun: “Gligar nerf when?”

But not all players disagree with Shadow Gligar dominating the competitive meta, as one of the players wrote: “I for one welcome our new Shadow Gligar overlord.”

Be it that Shadow Gligar continues to dominate the competitive meta or turns out to be just a passing fancy, we will keep you informed.

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