Pokemon Go player needs to “become Jesus” to beat unreachable Raid

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Map Bug

A Pokemon Go player had to let go of an Ultra Beast Xurkitree Raid because to reach that Gym, they had to swim quite a long distance. And the community’s suggestions on how to solve this problem were hilarious.

The fact that Raids don’t always show up where they are supposed to be, is a well-known issue among Pokemon Go trainers. And some Pokemon trainers have come up with a myriad of possible suggestions to make this problem disappear.

But what happens when the location of the Raid is just impossible to reach? Well, this Pokemon Go player had a long chunk of water between them and the Ultra Beast Raid they were longing for, and the community’s tips on how to solve the problem were tremendous.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘Beaver-Liquor’ on the Pokemon Go subreddit: “If I can just tread water for 5-10 mins I can’t get that Xurkitree.”

The OP shared this screenshot, that showcases their location and the incoming Ultra Portal opening in a nearby Gym. Sadly, the location of the Gym was in the middle of the ocean.

The community offered a lot of possible ‘solutions’ to their predicament. One of them even suggested: “It’s so easy man just become Jesus.” To what the OP answered: “I have been having a lot of wine instead of water.” Meanwhile, user ‘DarkSwimmer’ suggested: “Time to Start Swimming.”

Other users also were curious about the location of the Gym itself, since someone had to reach that place to make a ‘suggestion’ through the Pokemon Go app. One of the players commenting on this post said: “Why is the gym in the water? Is it accessible?”

To what another user answered: “It is probably a whether, in the middle of nowhere. Some funny fisherman with a lot of free time is watching this and laughing his guts out.”

Whether this Gym’s location was orchestrated by an angry fisherman or a skilled Fly-player remains uncertain. However, Liquor-Beaver’s encounter with this unreachable Gym proves, once more, that numerous adjustments need to be made for the game throughout 2024.

And if you are wondering what’s ahead this year in Pokemon Go, here’s a schedule for the next Spotlight Hours. And this is a guide with every upcoming Raid for January.

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