Pokemon players divided over which game has the saddest story

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Sad Ash

A group of Pokemon fans have gathered to decide what’s the saddest game of the franchise. Be it for their story or the lore behind the legendaries, this is the Pokemon game that has made the fans cry.

Fans of the monster collector franchise are always debating their favorite Pokemon, generation, or game. However, this time, trainers are discussing which of the Pokemon games had left them with a bitter taste after its ending.

For Pokemon players, it is not all about catching ’em all, but the journey, the friends you made on the path, and how did you reach the goal of becoming the Champion. It has always been like that since the first Generation games were released back in 1996.

However, some trainers believe that a few of the Pokemon games had quite a bitter ending, and here are the reasons that made them think so.

This was posted in the Pokemon subreddit by user ‘frzvader3559,’ and it immediately sparked a debate

The OP also stated his reason for believing the Hoenn remakes were the games that made him sadder: “I was recently replaying Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and when I finally beat the game I just sorta felt some complex emotion of sadness after beating May, like I was never going to battle her again. And the nostalgia of playing that when I was really young just hit differently than back then.”

Most players also agree that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the most tearjerking games of the whole franchise, but some of them believe that the recent Gen 9 games are also close enough in the dark emotions ranking.

Kyogre and Rayquaza Pokemon
Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, and Saphire have some of the best Legendaries in the whole Franchise

One of the players stated: “I felt really bad for Arven at the end of Violet. Just bleak.” While another one added: “I see that opinion a lot, but I think people are missing the point. Things WERE bleak for Arven, and he’s felt alone this whole time, but now he finally has friends to travel with. I think it’s a way more optimistic ending for him.”

On the other hand, a Reddit user named ‘itrashcannot’ complained about the fact that the game doesn’t even allow you to pat Arven’s head: “Game didn’t even give us an option to hug him or say encouraging words. Let me comfort my boy.”

Surprisingly, both the Hoenn games and the Paldea games are the saddest for the fans. But luckily for Arven and company, it gets better during the Mochi Mayhem Epilogue quest. And trainers are also enjoying their Blueberry Academy trip, so, there’s no reason to be sad.

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