How to beat Mega Sableye Pokemon Go Raid: Weaknesses, Counters & can it be shiny?

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pokemon mega sableye hiding behind its giant gemstone

Pokemon Go brings the long-awaited debut of Mega Sableye Raid and trainers are eager to catch this staple Great League Pokemon. Here’s all you need to know about Mega Sableye Raids, its Weaknesses, best counters, and its chances of being Shiny.

The mysterious Mega Sableye is all set to mark its debut in Pokemon Go as a part of the Dark Flames Event. Sableye is a staple in the Great League (GL) and unlike most of its peer GL Pokemon, the Sableye Mega Evolution is actually meta-relevant!

For trainers looking to beat this Raid Boss as quickly and efficiently as possible, this guide is for you. So let’s delve into the Weaknesses, best Raid Counters and everything else you need to know about the Mega Sableye Raid Battle.

Mega Sableye Pokemon Go Type and Weaknesses

Mega Sableye is a Dark/Ghost type Pokemon and so it is only weak to the Fairy type. Trainers will be glad to know that Mega Sableye is 2x weak to the Fairy type in Pokemon Go. You should bring your best Fairy-type counters to beat this sneaky Pokemon without much effort.

Sableye has been among the best Pokemon to use in the Great League. While Mega Evolved Pokemon find use in PvP tournaments, this particular Pokemon would be a force to be reckoned with in future PvP tournaments featuring Mega Evolutions. With its fantastic dual typing of Ghost and Dark, it has an amazing offensive as well as defensive presence in the meta.

Fairy types with high Attack stats exist in limited numbers in Pokemon Go, so players have to prepare a team of high-level Fairy Pokemon to make the Raid easier.

How to get Sableye in Pokemon Go?

Sableye preparing to use the ghost type fast move shadow claw in a pokemon battle
Sableye uses Shadow Claw

Although you can’t catch Mega Sableye after defeating it in a Raid Battle in Pokemon Go, you can catch its regular form and then Mega-Evolve it on your own. For that, you’ll need to take part in multiple Mega Sableye Raid Battles and collect Sableye Mega Energy When you have enough, you can Mega-Evolve it for a limited time.

This Raid Boss will appear in Pokemon Go Raid Battles from June 29, 10:00 AM local time to July 2, 2023, 8 PM local time. So you’ll have plenty of time to gather Mega Energy.

Best Counters for Mega Sableye in Pokemon Go

The best counter overall is Mega Gardevoir or Shadow Gardevoir with Charm and Dazzling Gleam. While Mega Gardevoir deals excellent damage, it is still weak to Ghost-type attacks that Mega Sableye may have. Moreover, not many players have a high-level Mega/Shadow Gardevoir.

The following list has some other good options that would help players in getting the job done:

  • Togekiss: Togekiss is among the most prominent fairies in the game, boasting good attack as well as defense stats. With the staple moveset of Charm and Dazzling, Togekiss is a very reliable Pokemon to use in the Raid.
  • Zacian: With its high ATK stat of 254, this legendary Pokemon from Gen 8 is among the best Fairy types in the game. Despite not having a Fairy type fast move, Snarl helps Zacian charge up Play Rough super fast.
  • Gardevoir: While players may or may not have a Mega/Shadow Gardevoir, the base form itself is a force to be reckoned with. Dodging is recommended here as it takes super-effective damage by the Raid Boss’ Ghost type attacks.
  • Primarina: This bulky starter Pokemon can sponge hits and deal a good amount of damage in return. It is cheap to unlock a second charged move so you can turn your Water type oriented Primarina to do Fairy type duty.
  • Sylveon: One of the most popular Eeeveelutions, Sylveon is an amazing addition to your Fairy type line-up that packs a punch against this Mega Pokemon.
  • Xurkitree: This Ultra Beast may not be a Fairy type but it possesses sky-high ATK that makes its Dazzling Gleam hit like a truck.
Togekiss in Pokemon GO
Togekiss is one of the best counters for Mega Sableye

Trainers can also focus on Pokemon that deal heavy neutral damage. Just make sure your counters aren’t Normal, Psychic, Fighting, or Poison types, as this tricky Raid Boss resists all of these Pokemon types.

Mega Sableye Moveset in Pokemon Go

Here’s the Mega Sableye moveset in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Shadow Claw
  • Feint Attack

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Sneak
  • Foul Play
  • Power Gem

Can Mega Sableye be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

shiny sableye getting ready to launch an attack
Shiny Sableye sports a gorgeous golden coloration with green gems on its body.

Lucky players might catch a shiny Sableye that can Mega-Evolve in Pokemon Go. While the shiny has already been a part of the game for a long time, many players don’t yet have it yet. These Raids give players a wonderful opportunity to catch their very own shiny Mega Sableye. Pokemon Go Mega Raids usually have a Shiny rate of 1 in 60.

So that’s all you need to know to successfully tackle a Mega Sableye Raid in Pokemon Go. Then check out our other Pokemon guides:

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