Hidden Pokemon Go trick saves players a ton of time opening Gifts

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gift with game background

Opening Gifts in Pokemon Go is incredibly boring and frustrating to most players, as they end up wasting a lot of time. But this easy trick helps open as well as send multiple Gifts within a matter of seconds.

Pokemon Go players need to open and send Gifts to collect in-game items, bag 7km Eggs, farm XP, and get rare Pokemon such as Vivillon. But regardless of how useful it is, doing it is very grindy, as it takes a long time.

So, trainers have been demanding devs Niantic to update the gifting system in the game, especially to let them open and send multiple Gifts at one go. While that’s yet to see the light of day, a surprisingly simple trick helps make all of this quicker and even fun to do!

After Reddit user ‘NaviWolf9’ shared a post where they called for a “send all/receive all gift button,” and added that “it’s BORING and it takes too much time,” several fans dropped their suggestions on how Gifts can be made exciting.

a pokemon go gift along with game logo
You can currently open and send up to 20 Gifts a day.

But one comment stood out from the rest: “One thing I do to speed it up is right after you click send, start spamming the X button on the bottom and it will skip the whole sending animation. Also works for opening.”

This prompted another user to reply, “Came here to say this. It’s so much faster and I make it into a mini-game to see how fast I can smash the X.”

By clicking on the X button immediately after opening or sending a Gift, players can save a good amount of time and get the job done. In fact, doing this with several Gifts takes hardly 15 seconds, while also being a fun activity.

Meanwhile, when opening Gifts to increase friend levels in Pokemon Go, remember to drop a Lucky Egg to grab bonus XP.