All Haxorus weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

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Haxorus in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Haxorus ranks high among the most dangerous opponents to face in any Pokemon game so here are its weaknesses and resistances to beat it.

Players that catch Axew in any Pokemon game can train it and evolve it into Haxorus. The Axe Jaw Pokemon is extremely powerful and is capable of defeating opponents with a single move, so many trainers wonder how to beat it.

Whether you’re facing Haxorus in Pokemon Go, a competitive mode, or Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raids, here’s everything you need to know about its weaknesses and resistances.

What Pokemon type is Haxorus?

Haxorus is a pure Dragon-type Pokemon. Like many other Dragon types, Haxorus is a tough opponent and type effectiveness doesn’t offer many options to strategize.

Haxorus’ design was created before its pre-evolved forms.

All Haxorus weaknesses in Pokemon

As a pure Dragon-type Pokemon, Haxorus is weak against Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type moves.

While the three categories will help deal with Haxorus rather quickly, players should be careful with Dragon-type attacks that deal STAB damage since Haxorus’ Attack Stat is extremely high. That means Fairy-type Pokemon that are immune to Dragon-type attacks are the safest bet, especially if they know Fairy-type moves that can pierce through Haxorus’ low Sp. Defense.

All Haxorus resistances in Pokemon

Being a pure Dragon-type Pokemon means Haxorus can resist Fire, Grass, Water, and Electric-type attacks. That leaves starter Pokemon out of this battle.

It’s important to note that Haxorus can have the Rivalry Ability in mainline Pokemon games. This means that its Attack and Sp. Attack Stats are increased by 25% if their opponent is of the same gender, and decreased by 25% if the enemy is of the opposite gender. While it doesn’t sound like much, remember that Haxorus’ Attack is extremely high.

The Mold Breaker Ability, on the other hand, means that Haxorus’ moves aren’t affected by its opponents’ Abilities. That nullifies the effects of Abilities like Intimidate that lower the Attack Stat of the opponent, so you shouldn’t rely on those for this battle.

Now you can battle and defeat Haxorus in any Pokemon game. For more Pokemon content, make sure to check other useful guides:

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Image Credits: The Pokemon Company

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