Where to find Digtoise in Palworld: Location & how to catch

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Digtoise sleeping in Palworld

Pals in Palworld specialize in many different areas, and Digtoise is extremely helpful when it comes to mining for useful resources. With this in mind, here’s where to find Digtoise in Palworld and how to catch it.

Palworld offers a vibrant open world that is brimming with activities and a diverse population of creatures known as Pals. These creatures are an essential part of the game, as they lend a hand in just about everything. Aside from their combat skills, some Pals can provide a significant boost to your mining operations.

Digtoise is an example of this, as the mighty creature can help you farm a ton of ore. On that note, here’s where to find Digtoise in Palworld, including how to catch it.

Who is Digtoise in Palworld? Skills & weaknesses

Digtoise is a ground element Pal in Palworld. Its Partner Skill is Drill Crusher through which it launches into Shell Spin and follows the player. This makes mining ore easier as its shell smashes through ore deposits quickly, it also provides excellent defense against damage.

In terms of Work Suitability, Digtoise has a level three in Mining, and it can drop ore and High Quality Palm Oil.

Here’s a full breakdown of all of Digtoise’s stats and skills in Palworld:

  • Skills: Aqua Gun, Stone Blast, Shell Spin, Stone Cannon, Sand Tornado, Aqua Burst, Rock Lance
  • Partner Skill: Drill Crusher
  • Drops: High-quality Pal Oil / Ore
  • Work Suitability: Mining Level 3
  • Food: 5/10
  • Weakness: Grass-types

Where to find Digtoise in Palworld

Palworld Digtoise locations
Digtoise in Palworld spawns in the desert biomes.

Digtoise spawns in the desert regions of Palworld‘s open world. Two possible locations where you can find it are:

  • The central desert region near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point.
  • The desert biome in the northeastern region of the map, near Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point.

How to catch Digtoise in Palworld

You can catch Digtoise in Palworld by using grass element Pals like Robinquill and Dinossom. Due to its massive size and hardened shell, it’s best to attack Digtoise from range and be sure to look out for its spinning attack as it can cause plenty of damage.

After bringing down its health, aim your Pal Sphere at Digtoise to add it to your collection.

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