Palworld: How to cure Overfull ailment

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In certain conditions, your Pals in Palworld might develop ailments like Overfull that can be quite annoying to handle. Here’s how to cure Overfull in Palworld.

Palworld is regarded as one of the most surprising additions to the 2024 roster as the title achieved massive success after its release on January 19. With a Pokemon and Minecraft-inspired world, many players were drawn into the sandbox upon launch.

Although you might be busy catching Pals and expanding your base in Palworld, taking care of your captured creatures should be a major aspect of your playthrough as well. Certain status effects and ailments can take a hefty toll on them, causing an inconvenient situation for you to deal with.

The Overfull ailment is one such annoying occurrence in Palworld that would render your Pals useless unless dealt with.

Here’s how to cure Overfull in Palworld.

How to deal with Overfull in Palworld

You must treat your afflicted Pals with Low-Grade Medical Supplies to cure Overfull in Palworld. Although getting these medical supplies is not that difficult in the game, get ready as you have some building to do in your base.

To craft Low-Grade Medical Supplies in Palworld, you will need to build a Medieval Medicine Workbench. However, first, you will need to be at least Level 12 and unlock it from the Technology Tree. Once you have reached the required level, head over to your base and find the right spot to place the workbench.

Petting Gorirat in Palworld
Taking care of your Pals is an important step in Palworld.

To craft Medieval Medicine Workbench in Palworld, you will need these items:

  • x30 Wood
  • x5 Nails
  • x10 Paldium Fragments

Once you have collected all these materials and placed the Medieval Medicine Workbench in your base, make Low-Grade Medical Supplies by interacting with it and mixing 5 Red Berries and 2 Horns together. Finally, head over to your afflicted Pal and feed it the medicine in Palworld.

What is Overfull in Palworld?

Overfull is a status ailment in Palworld where your Pals’ hunger will decrease rapidly while it is in base. As a result, it will start overeating, gaining the “insatiable” effect in the game.

To prevent it, make sure that your base is in an acceptable condition with ample food for your Pals. Additionally, make sure that each Pal that is active in your base has a Fluffy Bed for them as it is highly important for them to feel rested to prevent illnesses in Palworld.

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