How to cure Pal Ulcer ailment in Palworld

Souhardya Choudhury
Player with a Pal in Palworld

If you want to ensure that your Pals are not in pain and working to the best of their abilities, here’s how to cure Pal Ulcer ailments in Palworld.

Although Palworld is nowhere near its peak player count of 2 million players, it is still one of the most played games on Steam and the developers are constantly adding content based on player feedback.

Your progress in Palworld is directly tied to your Pals, which explains why their stats, health status, and skills are vital. Considering how dangerous the open world is, it isn’t a surprise that your Pals will often end up having painful medical conditions and you must fix them.

So, here’s how to fix Pal Ulcers in Palworld.

How to fix Pal Ulcer in Palworld

You can cure Pals of Ulcer ailment in Palworld by giving them Medical Supplies after making them at the Medieval Medicine Workbench. Once you have unlocked this workbench at Level 12 in the Technology tab, you will get access to a bunch of new medicinal recipes for your use.

The materials required to make a Medieval Medicine Workbench include:

  • 10x Paldium Fragments
  • 5x Nail
  • 30x Wood

The recipe for crafting Medical Supplies in Palworld is:

  • 5x Ingots (Smelt 10x Ore in a Furnace)
  • 2x Bones (Pals like Rushroar, Vixy, Bushi, and Vanwyrm drop them when killed)
  • 5x Horns (Pals with Horns like Eikthydeers and Rushroar drop them when killed)
Tanzee in Palworld
Taking care of your Pals is extremely important in Palworld.

How to give medicine to Pals

Once you are done making Medical Supplies in Palworld, head over to the Pal who is suffering from Ulcers and open the Action Wheel by pressing the right stick on your controller.

Make sure that the Medical Supplies are in your inventory and select “Feed” from the wheel. As long as the item is in your inventory, the Pal will be cured of the Ulcer status ailment in Palworld.

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