Palworld player discovers trick to capture any boss

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Palworld Boss

Palworld players are finding a lot of secrets about the world of this monster collector survival game, and one of them has found a way to catch any boss in the game without fail.

Palworld is breaking records with its incredible player count that skyrocketed since its launch. And now, players are encountering tough bosses to fight all across the world. But apparently, some of those bosses can be captured and used as your own Pals.

This Palworld player discovered a way to catch any Palworld boss in the game, and it consists of using the NPCs enemy AI in your favor.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘windowhihi’ in the Palworld subreddit with the title: “How to catch Zoe and Grizzbolt.” The community was quickly impressed with this method, and many of the members stated that this can be repeated with every boss in the game.

The trick consists of getting the “Wanted” status by attacking friendly NPCs in Palworld, then moving forward to the Boss Arena/Dungeon, and using the NPCs that follow you until you die to glitch the bosses, then throwing a Pal Sphere at them.

For example, to catch Zoe and Grizzbolt you need to follow these steps:

  1. Attack any NPC and run with the Wanted Status active.
  2. Reach Zoe and Grizzbolt hideout in Rayne Syndicate Tower.
  3. Enter the dungeon and face the boss.
  4. The NPCs will attack you inside the dungeon.
  5. Stay clear and behind cover until the Boss AI resets.
  6. Throw a Pal Sphere from behind.

Finally, to lose the “Wanted” status, you need to die. You can either let the NPCs kill you or hit the Respawn button from the in-game menu.

Keep in mind that this method might be patched in the future, so it could be out of the picture by the next patch.

We have guides in case you are wondering how to farm ore in Palworld, and this is where you can find Lunaris in Palworld, in case you are looking for this evasive Pal.

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