Palworld: Best Pals for Lumbering & where to find them

Emily Stander
Mammorest in Palworld

Lumbering in Palworld is an essential skill from early to late-game, and some Pals are better suited to it than others. Here is your guide to the best Lumbering Pals in Palworld and where to find them. 

Pals in Palworld help you build up your base, gather resources, and make everything you need to become as powerful as you want. Some Pals, though, are better at certain skills than others. 

Lumbering is one of the earliest skills you’ll want to invest in, especially because most structures in the game use Wood. There are 36 Pals that have the Lumbering skill, and some are easier to come by than others. 

Here are all the best Lumbering Pals in Palworld. 

Best Pals for Lumbering in Palworld

There are a few Pals in Palworld that are best for early and late-game progress, and some of them are easier to find and capture than others. Here are the best Pals for Lumbering in Palworld:

Best Pals for early game Lumbering 

The best Palworld Pals for early-game Lumbering are:

  • Tanzee
  • Eikthyrdeer
  • Dinossom 

Tanzee is a Grass type that players will likely run into very early on in the game around the Fort Ruins fast travel area, and it proves to be an easier catch than most others. While Tanzee can chop down Wood for you, the other skill it possesses to help with early-on Wood gathering is Transport and Gathering. Using this Pal will help you quickly get Wood as you start building up your base. 

Eikthyrdeer is a little more challenging to catch than Tanzee, but it is a great early-game option for Lumbering. It can be purchased from the Pal Merchant or found in forest areas near the Fort Ruins fast travel area. Lumbering is actually the only skill it possesses, and it doubles up as a great option for a mount early on in the game as well. 

Dinossom is an excellent upgrade from Eikthyrdeer once you capture it. It will cut trees quickly and alongside its Planting skill will make sure your Pals have all the food they need to ensure they can work efficiently. Dinossom can be found in heavily wooded areas all around the map, and you should have no trouble finding it early on in the game.

Tanzee in Palworld
Tanzee is one of the best early-game Pals for Lumbering

Best Pals for mid-late game Lumbering

The best Pals for mid-to-late-game Lumbering in Palworld are:

  • Mammorest
  • Verdash
  • Wumpo

Mammorest is another Pal that players can run into early on in the game, but proves to be a difficult Pal to capture. With a Lumbering skill that starts at Level 2, you’ll want to catch this one as soon as you are strong enough. You will likely find Mammorest in Northern, South, and South-East regions of the map.

Verdash is like the upgrade from Tanzee, with Lumbering and Transport skill starting at Level 2 and Gathering starting at Level 3. Verdash can only be found in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, so you’ll only be able to capture it once you have a flying or swimming mount at your disposal. 

The best Pal for late-game Lumbering is Wumpo. As one of only four Pals in the game that have a Level 3 Lumbering skill, it also has a Transport skill sitting at Level 4. Capturing this Pal will require some patience, but it is absolutely worth it. Wumpo can be found in the snowy regions, and it can be hatched from a Large Ice Egg

Wumpo in Palworld
Wumpo is the best late-game option for Lumbering in Palworld

What is Lumbering in Palworld?

Lumbering in Palworld is the skill Pals possess to chop and gather Wood, which is one of the most essential materials in the game. 

Pals who are tasked with Lumbering will work at a Logging Site to harvest Wood so you don’t need to manually chop down trees or put your base in the middle of a forest (if you don’t want to). 

However, if you don’t have a Logging Site just yet, Pals who have the Lumbering skill will chop down trees that spawn in your base. 

If you want to boost your Lumbering speed, it may be wise to invest in a Stump and Axe which will passively boost the speed of any task associated with Lumbering. Matching this with Pals who are best for Lumbering means you will have all the Wood you need in no time.

If you want to know more about how to catch the best Pals and what their skills are best used on, check out our list of guides below.

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