Palworld: Best Pals for Planting & where to find them

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Mossanda in Palworld

Planting in Palworld is essential if you want to feed your Pals, and while there are a few who can get the job done, others are just the best at it. Here is a guide to the best Pals for Planting and where to find them. 

Palworld lets you use your Pals to help you gather resources, but they need sustenance to continue doing so effectively. Planting is how you can get food for them, and it is an important component of managing their Sanity

Planting is only available to Grass-type Pals, so any Pal that is suitable for the skill will fall under this category. There are a few Pals that are best for Planting, and this guide will take you through each one and where you can find them. 

Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

The best Pals for Planting in Palworld are all Grass types and can generally be found quite easily, with some exceptions. 

Best early-game Pals for Planting

The best Pals for early-game Planting are:

  • Lifmunk
  • Bristla
  • Mossanda
Lifmunk in Palworld
Lifmunk is one of the best early-game options for Planting.

Lifmunk is one of the earliest Pals you can come across in Palworld. While Tanzee was also a good option to go with for an early Pal for Planting, Lifmunk was the slightly better choice for us because of its Medicine skill. Lifmunk can be hatched from a Verdant Egg or found in areas South East of the map

Bristla acts as a slight upgrade from Lifmunk since it has Medicine Level 2. Since Planting is an essential part of taking care of your Pals, having early-game Pals that are able to help with Medicine will make the process much easier for you. Bristla can be found in the areas in the middle of the map or purchased from the Black Marketeer

Mossanda is a higher tier early-game option for Planting and is a standout early-game option with its combat and skills. It has Planting Level 2, but it also has Transporting Level 3, which makes it a great early-game pick for quick gathering of food and other materials. Mossanda can be found in the Mossanda forest or hatched from a Large Verdant Egg.

Best mid-late game Pals for Planting

The best Pals for mid-late game Planting are: 

  • Vaelet 
  • Petallia 
  • Lyleen 

When you have done some leveling and have a flying or swimming mount, Vaelet is a great upgrade as a Pal who focuses on Planting. Found in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary, this Pal is a fantastic one to have around for Planting. It acts as a boss in its area, though, so make sure you are fully prepared for the fight when you want to capture it. 

Petallia, which can also be found in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary, is a lower level Field Alpha Boss than Vaelet. Bringing Fire-type Pals along with you to the battle should secure it for you a little easier. Once you have Petallia in your Pal arsenal, its Level 3 Planting skill will be an incredible asset to boost your food reserves. 

Lyleen is a level 40 Pal that resides in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, and you will need to be prepared for a challenging battle when you try to capture it. As the only Pal at Planting Level 4, though, it is an essential catch for late-game Planting, and it won’t hurt to have such a powerful Pal by your side for battles.

Lyleen in Palworld
Lyleen is possibly the best Pal for Planting in Palworld.

What is Planting in Palworld?

Planting in Palworld is a skill you need to plant the available seeds in-game to make sure your Pals never go hungry

Right now, Palworld has four seeds available for Planting: Lettuce, Tomato, Berry, and Wheat. Each of these can be cultivated to create food and make sure your Pals have enough food to survive and thrive. 

You can buy seeds from merchants, but they can also be dropped by bosses like Vaelet, who drops Tomato seeds upon defeat. 

If you want to know more about Palworld and where to find Pals, check out our list of guides below.

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