How to get all Palworld Legendary Schematics: Assault Rifle, Handgun, Armor, more

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Schematic icon in Palworld.

Palworld gives you many ways to create equipment, armor, and weapons but Legendary Schematics are arguably the most convenient among them all. There are plenty of amazing schematics for Crossbow, Handgun, and Assault Rifle, and here’s how to get all the Palworld Legendary Schematics.

Your progress in Palworld is mostly tied to the quality of your Pals. However, as your level increases, you also acquire access to better technology, and adding them to your base ensures better survival which is another key component of the game.

While leveling up and unlocking the desired ingredients and building equipment is the standard way of getting better items, directly getting their Legendary Schematic is much quicker. However, this can also be confusing if you don’t know where exactly to find them.

So, here are all Palworld Legendary Weapon Schematics locations, including the ones for Armor, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and other top tier items.

Palworld Legendary Weapon Schematics location

Here are the exact locations of all the Legendary Weapon Schematics in Palworld along with which Alpha Pals you have to beat so you can get them faster.

Crossbow Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Bushi and Crossbow Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
You need Wood, Stone, Ingots, and Nails to craft a Crossbow.

The Crossbow Legendary Schematic can be obtained by defeating Alpha Bushi. You can find this Fire Element Pal to the south of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Fast Travel point. The exact coordinates of which are -119, -392.

Handgun Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Beakon and Handgun Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
Handgun Legendary Schematic has a magazine capacity of sixteen rounds.

You can get the Legendary Handgun Schematic by beating Beakon in Palworld. This Alpha Pal resides around the Deep Bamboo Thicket Fast Travel Point and sits at level 29. This Legendary Schematic will bump the damage and durability of the weapon to 625 and 800.

Assault Rifle Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Blazamut and Assault Rifle Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
You can unlock the Assault Rifle at level 45.

Alpha Pal Blazamut is the one you need to defeat to get the Assault Rifle Legendary Schematic. Located to the northwest of the Ancient Civilization Ruins Fast Travel Point, this Pal sits at level 49 and drops Coal, Flame Organ as well as the Legendary Schematic for Assault Rifle when beaten.

Old Bow Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Kingpaca and Old Bow Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
Kingpaca is titled ‘Supreme Fluff Commander.’

Old Bow Legendary Schematic can be obtained in Palworld by taking down Alpha Kingpaca near the Small Settlement Fast Travel Point. Since it is a Neutral Element Pal, you can easily defeat him by using Dark Element Pals such as Killamari and Depresso.

Pump-Action Shotgun Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Suzaku and Pump Action Shotgun Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
Suzaku is a Fire Element Pal.

Pump-Action Shotgun is a great ranged weapon in Palworld and you can get its Legendary Schematic by defeating Alpha Pal Suzaku. Duneshelter and PIDF Tower Entrance are the closest Fast Travel points to this Pal. Its exact coordinates are 403, 254.

Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Jetragon and Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
Rocket Launcher is a great long-range weapon in Palworld.

To get the Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic, defeat Alpha Pal Jetragon, located to the west of the Ruin Fortress City Fast Travel point.

The Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic is easily one of the most overpowered Schematic in Palworld. While the damage of the common Rocket Launcher sits at 10000, if you manage to get your hands on its Legendary Schematic, you can increase it to 14000.

Palworld Legendary Armor Schematics location

Cloth Armor Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Chillet and Cloth Armor Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
Alpha Chillet is one of the weakest bosses you will come across in the game.

You need to defeat Alpha Chillet to get the Cloth Armor Legendary Schematic in Palworld. This Pal is usually found to the south of the Fort Ruins Fast Travel point. This schematic can help you get through the mid-game with ease.

Pal Metal Helmet Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Frostallion and Pal Metal Helmet Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
You can find Alpha Frostallion at coordinates 354, 499.

The Pal Metal Helmet Legendary Schematic can be acquired by beating Alpha Pal Frostallion near the Land of Absolute Zero Fast Travel point. This Ice Element Pal is known as the ‘Legendary Steed of Ice’ and sits at level 50.

Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Armor Legendary Schematic

Alpha Pal Paladius, Necromus, and Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Armor Legendary Schematic location in Palworld.
The Heat/Cold Resistant Pal Armor can help you survive in hot as well as cold regions.

To get the Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Armor Legendary Schematic, you have to take down both Alpha Necromus and Alpha Paladius Pals. These are some of the strongest Pals in the game and taking them down is not easy, so we suggest you level up before heading to their bases (443, 676).

How to get Legendary Schematics faster in Palworld

You can increase the chances of getting Legendary Schematics by increasing the Pal Appearance Rate in World Settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get Legendary Schematics quickly in Palworld:

  1. Launch the game and open the Main Menu.
  2. Next head to World Settings and switch the Difficulty to Custom.
  3. Under Custom Settings increase the Pal Appearance Rate to 3.

While this does not guarantee that an Alpha Pal will drop a Legendary Schematic, it does increase their respawn rate which lets you defeat Alpha Pals again.

That was all about Legendary Schematics and their location in Palworld. For more on the game, have a look at:

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