Palworld players reveal best gold farming methods after nail nerfs

Aryan Singh
A farm in Palworld with Grass-type Pals

The latest patch for Palworld brought a string of fixes and tweaks to the game, including changes to the selling price of nails. This change effectively ended a great coin-farming method, prompting players on Reddit to share the best ways to make gold in Palworld post-patch.

Palworld continues to receive regular updates from the devs in the form of patches that fix commonly encountered bugs and glitches. The recently released Patch v0.1.5.0 fell in line with this trend but also introduced a major balancing tweak. It adjusted the “abnormally high” selling price of nails and decreased the item’s value massively.

This came as a blow to players, especially those who had been hoarding nails in the hopes of selling them off for major profits. Fortunately for them, there’s no shortage of easy ways to make a ton of money in the game. Following the price adjustment, many Palworld players took to Reddit to share their preferred methods for raking in the cash.

It all came to light after a post by user ‘DaybitZ,’ who stated: “With nails nerfed, I guess the Black Marketeer is the way to make gold.” The OP shared a screenshot showing off the popular and reliable Black Marketeer trick.

The trick can be done by locating one of these shady vendors and carefully setting up a hanging trap right next to them. After doing this, you can freely chip away at the NPC’s health bar without worrying about him retaliating. To speed things up, you can also place a campfire right under his head for a bit of extra damage.

Repeating this method can fetch players between 10,000-20,000 gold after every kill along with gold keys. Users in the comments responded to the post by sharing other sound methods that can be very profitable in Palworld.

One user’s suggestion was, “Make a berry farm and sell 9999x baked berries.” Another user said “Salads sell for good money, too. A hundred salads is nothing for old Jorm and nets more than the Black Marketeers.”

One user also shared a farming method that is great for long-term gains, “You could put some Sibelyx on a ranch too. They drop high-quality cloth which is worth something and all you need to do is collect it from time to time and sell it. I think I have 3000 in a chest or so.”

Multiple users also vouched for a profit-making method involving Maus, “You guys are just sitting on Maus for no reason. Just load up a base with them, come back in an hour, or just set it and forget it… Thousands upon thousands and idk what to spend it on lol.”

Palworld has many tricks to make a ton of gold, so it’s best to invest some time in trying them out and see what works best for you.

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