All Palworld Black Marketeers locations & how to sell Pals

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In Palworld, there’s a special type of vendor called the Black Marketeer that allows you to sell Pals through the Black Market and earn coins. If you’re wondering about all the Black Marketeer locations in Palworld, here’s all you need to know to find them.

There are a ton of Pals you can catch in Palworld, each coming with a set of skills, largely determined by their type. Pals can have more than one type as well, and some Legendary Pals can prove to be an immense challenge when it comes to adding them to your collection.

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If you’ve caught a lot of Pals, you can sell them for extra coins using the Black Marketeers, and you’ll find many of them across the Palpagos Islands.

So, if you’re curious as to where to find Black Marketeers in Palworld, here are all of their locations, including how to sell your Pals.

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Your Pals can not only provide help with work but also earn you extra money.

Where to find Black Marketeers in Palworld?

There are twelve Black Marketeers in Palworld, and here are their precise locations:

  • Cove Mineshaft – Coordinates (252, -156)
  • Abandoned Mineshaft – Coordinates (24, -417)
  • Eastern Wild Island – Coordinates (470, -272)
  • Duneshelter – Coordinates (350, 364)
  • Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings – Coordinates (144, -362)
  • Mount Obsidian Shore – Coordinates (-491, -531)
  • Ruined Fortress City – Coordinates (-607, -233)
  • Black Cliffside – Coordinates (12, -550)
  • Eastern Wind Island Cliffside – Coordinates (467, -121)
  • Standing next to a waterfall – Coordinates (212, -14)
  • Standing on a peninsula – Coordinates (143, 172)
  • Icy Weasel Hill – Coordinates (-43, 214)

Keep in mind that more Black Marketeers might be discovered and we’ll make sure to provide an update here with all their locations.

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How to sell Pals on the Black Market and earn coins

To sell Pals on the Black Market, you need to have captured several Pals and have them deposited in your Paldeck.

Then, you need to find a Black Marketeer, which is often hidden in villages or roaming certain areas. Once you do that, you can talk to the vendor and select the ‘Sell’ tab. This will open a new menu where you will see how many Pals you have on your Deposit Box, alongside a price tag for each of them.

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Once you have selected the Pals you want to trade, hit “Sell,” and you will receive a certain sum of coins. Then, you can trade those coins for Black Marketed Pals in the “Buy” tab.

Keep in mind that most of the Pals offered by Black Marketeers in Palworld are often rare or have high-tier skills or passive skills, so that’s a good way to get some extra firepower for your team or a dedicated worker for your base.

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And that’s all you need to know to sell your Pals to the Black Marketeers in Palworld. For more Palworld guides and tips, you can also check the following links:

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