How to increase Base size in Palworld

Lucas Simons
Palworld Base Building

Want to build your own city in Palworld? Here’s how to increase base building space in the game, alongside how to build outside Pal Box designated space.

In Palworld, base building is a key element that you must master to be able to progress within your game. If you feel creative, you can even build your dream base. But to do that, you need to increase the base building space.

In vanilla settings, Palworld only allows you to construct inside a limited space designated when you place your Pal Box, but we have discovered a series of tips to increase base building space, so you can accommodate your base however you want to.

Here’s how to increase base building space in Palworld, including tips, how to deactivate building decay, and more.

How to increase base building space in Palworld

There is not an in-game option to increase base building space in Palworld. However, there are a series of methods we will share that will help you maximize your building space, so you can build the base of your dreams.

Palworld Pals at base
Your Pal box designates the area limit to build in a radial shape, with the box as the epicenter.

Set buildings over boundaries

Building over the thin line designated as your Base Space limit can be tricky, but not impossible. To do that, you need to build from outside the designated circle of your Pal Box. Follow the next steps to do it correctly and maximize base building space:

  • Build from outside the circle.
  • Craft a box outside your Pal Box area, then grab the materials needed.
  • Place foundations from outside the building area, making sure at least one of the corners touches your Pal Box area.

If you want to go beyond the boundary area designated by the Pal Box, you will need to turn off Building Decay, as buildings will start to collapse when placed outside the base area.

Place several Pal Boxes in the same zone

You can arrange up to three Pal Boxes placed in a triangle area, with their central area of effect forming a triangular space. You can still build inside the triangular central space, since all three borderlines touch and allow you to use that area effectively.

Building a foundation in the middle with a least one of the foundations touching every Pal Box area is a good way to build a central facility. Building a vertical structure in that place will also help you maximize your base space, so keep that in mind.

Palworld increase building space
This is the best way to place the Pal Boxes to maximize building space.

The area available to build your base must be considerably flat for this to work. The best places to do this trick include:

  • Southeast of Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings teleport (167, -236)
  • North of Sea Breeze Archipelago Church teleport (-72, -544)
  • Southeast of Salt Desert coastline (-117, -76 )
  • East of Fisherman’s Point, alongside the shoreline (-482, -748)

There are other decent places besides these, but they are also located in harsh environments, like deserts and snow mountains, which can be problematic.

Vertical base build in Palworld

Vertical Base Palworld
Building vertically can significantly improve your space allocation for crafting stations and storage units.

Building a Vertical base in Palworld can help you save lots of space, and thankfully, there is no vertical boundary for structure building, although, there are some limitations. Here are some tips to make the most out of vertical space in Palworld:

  • Build a large square (24×24) foundation and place four columns per every 6×6 squares to maximize support area
  • Use roofs attached to columns to support the placement of interior structures like crafting stations
  • Make sure to place stairs outside the central square grid to prevent structure block
  • You can deactivate the building auto-placement to build stairs outside the central area, such as a balcony stair

Keep in mind that you should always build defensive structures at floor level, otherwise, your Pals might be bugged operating machine guns and turrets and could provoke undesired effects when Raids occur.

How to deactivate Building Decay in Palworld

Deactivating Building Decay in Palworld will allow you to construct structures outside the boundaries of your base without worrying about the buildings collapsing due to decay.

Pal City built by Reddit user Commercial_Neck8986
If you deactivate Base Decay in the game options, the possibilities are limitless.

Here’s how to deactivate Building Decay in Palworld:

  • From World Select menu, choose the world where you want to deactivate Building Decay
  • Click on “Change World Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Structure deterioration rate” and set it to “zero”

Now enter your game world, and you will notice that Building Decay is deactivated, which allows you to build incredible structures, such as the one that the player in the picture above created.

That’s all you need to know on how to increase base building space in Palworld. If you are looking for more content related to the game, we have many useful guides for you right here:

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