Overwatch 2 players want major changes to Competitive mode

Andrew Highton
d'va in overwatch 2

Competitive play is a big part of Overwatch 2 and players are unhappy with the changes made to the hero shooter sequel.

Overwatch 2’s equivalent of Ranked play is Competitive mode and it served as a backbone of the original Overwatch’s online multiplayer.

The longed-awaited follow-up has brought back the concept but revised the system and made some changes in the process.

According to a poll conducted by one of the Overwatch 2 community’s biggest content creators, fans of the game are not satisfied with the changes that Blizzard has enforced.

TheRealKenzo is a regular streamer and advocate of Overwatch 2, so it was quite interesting when they polled the game’s audience to see what they thought of the game’s revamped Competitive mode.

Asking “Do you prefer the new or old competitive system?” over 270,000 votes were cast, and the answer was a rather unanimous old.

In fact, ‘old’ garnered 86% of the votes which goes from being a majority to a completely lop-sided decision in favor of the older system.

One of the biggest changes made is that instead of seeing how your rank is being affected from match to match, players now need to win seven matches to see if there’s been a change.

In the Reddit post linked above, several users were in agreement over the state of Overwatch 2’s current Competitive system.

“I’ve been the same rank through 5 iterations of 7 wins. I just wanna see the number go up and down again,” said one top comment, and someone else offered: “Exactly. Lets’ say I play 12 matches before my next rank. That’s several hours in-game time and if it is DPS, I average around 10-minute queue times = 120 minutes = 2 hours. This game needs to get its s**t straight and they have the blueprint in OW1.”

Nearly 300K votes aren’t representative of the entire game’s player base, but it is a significant number, and the results could be concerning for Blizzard.

We’ll have to see if the devs do decide to make any changes to Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode, in the meantime, find out the latest about Mei’s disappearance, as well as the outcry for more Support characters.

Image Credit: Blizzard