Overwatch 2 players find “pointless” Winter Wonderland event a massive disappointment

Andrew Highton
mei running away in overwatch 2 winter wonderland

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland has arrived and despite adding a nice Christmassy flavor to proceedings, players feel let down and “sad” with the event’s content.

Blizzard routinely drop themed events to coincide with seasonal celebrations such as Halloween Terror, and this is all on top of new Seasonal updates. Even though Overwatch 2 Season 2 has just dropped, it’s time for the annual Winter Wonderland event.

Just like in previous iterations, Overwatch 2 players have new themed playlist options to tuck into, along with new skins, and more.

However, some of Blizzard’s decisions for Winter Wonderland 2022 have deemed the content to be for “paying customers only” and the playable game modes “recycled.”

Players looking forward to the 2022 event might be disappointed to discover that Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland only has one skin that can be earned through challenges, along with a bunch of old game modes – and no new ones.

These are some of the reasons why one Overwatch 2 Reddit user explained that the “new Winter event has gotten me depressed,” and delved into their full reasoning.

“I love this game and the Winter Event has always been my favorite but this year it’s but plain depressing. The new event skins and the new Genji and Ram skins got me excited as all hell, that was until I realized I can’t and I won’t unlock them without spending $100+. Why, why do that, why make me not even want to play because it feels pointless?” they said.

The OP also explained that the game modes are “recycled brawls” and that there are no lootboxes to grind for new skins.

It’s true that Blizzard dispensed with loot boxes in Overwatch 2, but the move hasn’t been as well-received because it means the majority of skins are now permanently locked behind paid content.

Another Reddit user claimed that Winter Wonderland 2022 is “for the paying customers only. No more hype or reason to play during events, so nothing’s pulling me back,” and another added: “I got so excited when I saw that Winter Wonderland released and then I started the game only to realize that there’s literally nothing new. I went from excited to sad very fast.”

No new game modes and very little in the way of new content have certainly left more than a few fans feeling short-changed.

With Season 3 in the works and the Overwatch 2 Year of the Rabbit event upcoming, hopefully, there will be more for players to shout about.

Image Credit: Blizzard