Overwatch 2 nerfs Kiriko to end game-breaking bug in Mischief & Magic event

Overwatch 2 Royal Knight Genji and Rogue KirikoBlizzard

Mischief & Magic has proved to be a very popular event for Overwatch 2. But despite a hilarious game mode, Blizzard decided to nerf a game-breaking ability that had gone viral. Here’s what happened to Mischief and Magic Kiriko in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is about to get the long-awaited Season 6 Invasion update, but the game has shown that Season 5 still has a trick up its sleeve. A new event, called Mischief & Magic, delivers a prop hunt mode that has proved to be a ton of fun but with a few quirks that easily break the game mode.

Mischief and Magic is a 5v5 mode where every member of a team plays as either Rogue Kiriko or Royal Guard Genji. Kiriko players would be able to transform randomly into one of a dozen props to hide from the enemy team. If they’re able to hide for two minutes without being eliminated by Royal Guard Genji, their team wins a round.

The only way Kirikos could defend themselves is by using a flashbang that stuns Genji, giving her a chance to relocate.

However, players found that they could use Kiriko’s melee to kill Genjis, which resulted in players teaming up to kill a member of the opposite team.

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Even though the community thought that it was hilarious, Blizzard noted that it worked against the main objective of the game mode and released a hotfix to prevent Rogues from eliminating Knights.

“While I, Jared, am saddened by this hotfix I can begrudgingly admit that it’s the right thing to do for the mode right now,” wrote Jared Neuss, Overwatch 2 Executive Producer in regards to the Kiriko nerf.

How to play Mischief & Magic mode in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Mischief & Magic is a prop-hunt game mode, with two teams of five taking turns hiding from knights or seeking out the rogues. In order to win a round, knights have to find all the hiding rogues or rogues must be able to survive the match without being discovered.

After the latest hotfix, Rogue Kirikos won’t be able to attack, but they will be able to jump and stun any Royal Guard Genjis that have discovered them. Once out of sight, they can simply transform into a randomly chosen prop and sneak around from unsuspecting knights.

In order to play the Mischief & Magic game mode in Overwatch 2, you can go to “Arcade” menu. The main highlighted game mode will be the prop-hunt, and you’ll be able to enter the waiting queue just by clicking on it.

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The Mischief & Magic event started on July 25 and will be come to a close on August 9.

Overwatch 2 Mischief & Magic: Challenges & Rewards

Throughout the Mischief & Magic event, players will be able to earn all-new rewards by completing event challenges to earn player icons and a weapon charm.

These are all the Mischief & Magic challenges from Overwatch 2:

  • Paragon of Mischief challenge: Complete 6 Mischief & Magic Event Challenges to win Spiritwarder Ana Skin (Epic) and, 25000 XP.
  • Peak Mischief challenge: Complete 6 games of Mischief & Magic to win Mischievous Barrel Weapon Charm and 5000 XP.
  • First Class Knight challenge: Earn 10 eliminations as Knight Genji in Mischief & Magic to win a Player Icon and 2500 XP.
  • A Knight’s Duty challenge: Earn 1 elimination with Dragonblade as Knight Genji to win a Player Icon and 2500 XP.
  • Top Rapscallion challenge: Survive for 300 seconds as Rogue Kiriko in Mischief & Magic to win a Player Icon and 2500 XP.
  • What A Scamp! challenge: Stun 6 enemies with Flashbang as Rogue Kiriko in Mischief & Magic to win a Player Icon and 2500 XP.
  • Aspiring Hero challenge: Complete 6 games to win 2500 XP.
  • Local Hero challenge: Complete 12 games to win a Roadhog Voice Line and 2500 XP.
  • Epic Hero challenge: Complete 18 games to win 2500 XP.
  • Legendary Hero challenge: Complete 24 games to win a Junker Queen Voice Line and 2500 XP.

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