Game-breaking Overwatch 2 FPS exploit allows players to easily win ranked games

Joseph Pascoulis
Overwatch 2 Zarya

An Overwatch 2 frames per second exploit on the map Junkertown is allowing players to gain an unfair advantage over the enemy team in ranked.

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter that requires skill and teamwork in order to achieve success.

While picking the best Heroes in Overwatch 2 is obviously important, it’s also vital to compliment your teammates and counter the enemy team, coordinating a team comp that gives you the best opportunity to win.

Picking up wins isn’t easy in Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode, however, it seems an exploit on the map Junkertown is making it easy for players to achieve an unfair victory.

Streamer and Overwatch 2 player cuFFah highlighted the FPS exploit in a clip on Twitter, showing players how it’s done and also claiming that it can be used to “win ranked games.”

The bug is on Junkertown, and requires players to use Tank Hero Zarya. When in the Attack spawn room, players can find an object next to the left exit that causes massive frame drops when shot by Zarya’s Particle Cannon.

This ultimately affects everyone in the game but can make it easy for the team performing the exploit to get a kill with some coordination. This is exactly what happens in the clip as Windowmaker manages to snipe the enemy team’s Genji just as Zarya starts shooting the object.

One user in the comments believes they know why this bug happens, saying “Zarya shooting that object creates so much VFX that it lags everyone’s game,” causing player’s frames to drop and thus confusing the enemy team.

This may not seem like a massive exploit, but it allows the team performing the glitch to get a quick kill and push the Payload to get through the first phase of Junkertown nice and easy, with the extra player advantage.

Hopefully, the community chooses not to abuse this bug, as with the devs still focusing on bringing back locked characters due to exploits, they certainly don’t need more issues to deal with.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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