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Call of Duty

Operation Spectre Rising for Black Ops 4 live now on Xbox One and PC



The new content season for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 starts today on Xbox One and PC, after launching last week on PS4, with Operation Spectre Rising! The new Operation brings a new Specialist, new modes, and more throughout the course of the Operation over the next few months.

“The community has anticipated Spectre’s return for a long time, and that’s inspired us to build Operation Spectre Rising all around this shadowy, fan-favorite assassin and the wetworks theme,” said Dan Bunting, Co-Studio Head, Treyarch. “This new Operation delivers lots of new game modes and fun ways to play Black Ops 4, including some really cool changes to the Blackout map following Spectre’s dramatic introduction – players won’t want to miss this event!”

With the launch of the new game settings update on Xbox One and PC, Operation Spectre Rising is now live in Black Ops 4!

Checkout the roadmap of what’s to come in this Operation here over the next few months.

Spectre Rising Trailer:

Operation Spectre Rising is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and bring a new batch of content and updates across all modes of play.