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Blackout map sees big update in Operation Spectre Rising with explosion of Hydro Dam



With the launch of Operation Spectre Rising for Black Ops 4 on April 30, the Blackout map sees a big update as Hydro Dam has been exploded and water has filled throughout the map. The new update is called “Wetworks” map update.

Explosion of Hydro Dam

Players will face water across the entire Blackout map with this new update, one of the biggest changes to the Blackout map since the game’s launch. Most areas are now flooded which means boats will play a big role during this Operation.

Cargo has radically changed with the boat capsizing from the dam explosion

Based on the reveal trailer, the water in areas is shallow enough that cars can still drive through, but deep enough for boats to float on.

During a stream, Treyarch showed a preview of the new Blackout map, which also sees Hijacked move to a new location:

The teaser images released throughout last week were teasing Spectre’s story behind him planting and detonating C4 at the Dam, unleashing the water across the entire map.

Here’s the part of the trailer which shows the updated Blackout map: