Winter Callings event for Black Ops 4 Zombies is now live on PS4

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Starting now on December 13, the Winter Calling event is live for PS4 players in Black Ops 4 Zombies. These challenges will remain available until December 27.

Players can view these Callings by hitting the Options button while in the Zombies menu and then looking at them on the top left corner.

These Winter Callings will be familiar to players who participated in the Halloween Callings in October. Players must complete a set of challenges in order to unlock their corresponding Warpaints and some bonus XP.

The four callings and their rewards are as follow:

Silent Knife: Get 100 kills with Melee Attacks

  • Reward: Naughty-Nice Warpaint (+1000 XP)

White Elephant: Buy 20 Weapons from the Mystery Box

  • Reward: Red Dragon Warpaint (+2500 XP)

Slay Ride: Get 1500 Kills using Light Machine Guns

  • Reward: Frosty Warpaint (+5000 XP)

Black Friday Shopper: Buy 15 Perks

  • Reward: Krampus Warpaint (+10000 XP)

These Warpaints are usable across all characters in all modes. The Winter Callings event is expected to come to Xbox One and PC players on December 20.

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