US Pre-Order Numbers for Modern Warfare 3 VS. Battlefield 3



With less than a week to go for Battlefield 3 and less than 3 weeks for Modern Warfare 3, we thought it would be a good time to compare near final pre-order numbers for one of the biggest FPS wars of the century.

Modern Warfare 3
-Xbox 360: 1,719,144
-PS3: 672,562
-Total: 2,391,706

Battlefield 3
-Xbox 360: 1,072,593
-PS3: 448,616
-Total: 1,521,209

No one really expected Battlefield 3 to outsell Modern Warfare 3 (even according to EA), yet there’s no question that BF3 has created more hype and obtained 6x the amount of pre-orders as its predecessor Bad Company 2. However even with a 5 month head start, Modern Warfare 3 has managed to capture 1,170,497 more pre-orders than BF3… FTW

*Interestingly enough, Battlefield 3 has been marketed as a “PC Lead” title, however BF3 console pre-orders are beating PC pre-orders (146,809) at a rate of 10 to 1.
**Also, Playstation 3 has access to BF3 DLC one week early, yet Xbox 360 pre-orders are beating PS3 at a rate of 2 to 1.