The Game Plan for next week… E3, Ghosts All Access Event, and E3 Press Conferences



We have a busy week ahead of us! Victor & Peter will be heading to Los Angeles this weekend in preparation for E3 2013! We were lucky enough to be invited to the Ghosts gameplay reveal and ALL the Pre-E3 Press Conferences!

Here’s the itinerary: (PT/ local time)


  • 11:00am: Call of Duty Ghosts “All Access” Event



  • 12:00pm: E3 show floor opens!


Ghosts Live Stream schedule:


  • Time TBA: IGN early preview with exclusive footage.


  • 11:00am: Call of Duty Ghosts “All Access” Event


  • 12:00pm: GameTrailers
  • 3:20pm: IGN
  • 4:40pm: Gamespot


  • 10:30am: Twitch


So we have a lot planned for you guys. Here’s what we have in store…

Live blogs of all (5) events + E3:

  • We’ll be updating it constantly with behind the scenes photos and video(Vine).

Reveals and Breaking news:

  • We’ll be posting articles on every major CoD announcements in great detail.

Gameplay impressions:

  • We have an appointment setup at the Activision booth on June 11th at 12:30pm. Right after E3 opens. With any luck, we’ll get some one on one time with Call of Duty Ghosts.

Live Stream Replays:

  • We’ll be posting replays of all the live streams once they hit the web.

Videos, videos, videos:


Like I said… It’s gonna be a busy week! Stay frosty…