Photos from our visit at Treyarch Studios


Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to Treyarch Studios again to get some hands on time with the new ‘Revolution’ DLC for Black Ops 2. Treyarch let everyone who attended to take as much video as they wanted of the new MP maps along with the new Zombie map “Die Rise”. Unfortunately theres an embargo until 2am PST tonight, so expect tons of videos to hit YouTube from all your favorite comentators once the DLC goes live.

There were approximately 20-25 people that were invited out, 3 of which were from web sites (Charlie INTEL, MP1st, ESG) and the rest were big YouTube commentators. Also it appeared half of them were flown over from Europe (UK, France, and Germany I believe). The Europe folks were only there part of the day and had to catch an early flight.

The day started off with a brief presentation by David Vonderhaar where he gave us some “classified” stats on Black Ops 2. There were 12 stations setup for MP plus 4 more for Zombies where we had a chance to play “Die Rise” and the new Zombie mode “Turned”. We were allowed complete freedom to play what we wanted and even had a chance to play side by side with David Vonderhaar a couple of times. It was EPIC…

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