Treyarch Developer Update Video for Operation Grand Heist – Look at Changes, and More

Tommi Turunen

Operation Heist has released for all consoles as of February 26th and Treyarch has put together a video explaining some of the changes.

The video features lead designers from all three teams of Treyarch’s studio going over key additions and changes for Black Ops 4 which arrived in Operation Heist. Treyarch seeks to give some insight on design philosophy with this new series of “Developer Updates.”

The video serves as a quick summary of the content as well as a way for Treyarch to let us all see some of the reasoning behind their decisions. Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies are all covered within the video.

Tony Flame goes over weapon fixes and balances changes as well as additional multiplayer content such as new maps and weapons. He mentions the coming of the Barebones playlist which will have “No Specialists” and feature “classic gameplay rules.”

Jason Blundell goes over incoming Gauntlets and explains their purpose with Black Ops 4 Zombies.

David Vonderhaar brings in information about the Blackout Prestige system and new Merit system upgrades. He also touches on map and UI changes.

You can view the full video embedded below:

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