KontrolFreek — Call of Duty Heritage Edition Overview/Review

Keshav Bhat

To celebrate the announcement of Call of Duty: WWII, KontrolFreeks has released a brand new Call of Duty Heritage Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The folks at KontrolFreeks sent us over a pair for the PS4 to check out, and here’s our quick impressions.

The Heritage Edition KontrolFreek are very similar to other KontrolFreek that are currently available, but feature a new design to support World War II-style era. The thumb sticks are sleek and work just as great as previous editions.

We used to use KontrolFreek thumbsticks a lot on Xbox One. The Heritage Edition are our first pair for the PS4, and they provide a comfortable experience to play similar to Xbox One. After using the new thumbsticks for about a week, they provide a great experience to compliment the PlayStation 4 controller. These thumbsticks can be easily applied to any PS4 controller.

For someone interested in playing competitively, these are must have additions in your gaming collection. It provides accurate and improved control while playing FPS titles. Majority of those who currently use these sticks are competitive players or esports players. They offer great reliability, a good grip, control, and precision while playing Call of Duty titles; and in fact, they help your gameplay for any FPS title. The added grip helps for a better accuracy in titles where kills are down to the best shooter. I have been using these to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered recently, and the added grip does provide a better player experience in controlling your moves.

For those playing very casually, it might not be necessarily needed. It does provide added comfort and ease-ability to playing but are built for intense gameplay and action that comes from competitive esports.

Check out all KontrolFreek products and more at their official website here.

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