“Infected” Coming to Community Playlist Sunday



This weekend, on Feb 5th, MW3 will be getting a new mode called INFECTED added to the Community Playlists.

When you join a game of INFECTED, 10 seconds after the match begins you will either be chosen as the Infected or placed on the side of the surivors. Each side will be restricted to a specific selection of weapons.

Each time you play INFECTED the selection of weapons available will be different, rotating through multiple loadout options determined by the community suggestions and feedback from Twitter responses to @fourzerotwo.


The game ends when either all players have been turned into infected or the game timer ends. A Survivor’s goal is to stay alive until the game ends, however, if you’re turned Infected, your goal is to turn all other survivors into infected by killing them.

You will receive 100 points per kill (whether you’re a survivor or infected)
Survivors receive an additional 100 points each time an infected kills another survivor.

SOURCE: Fourzerotwo

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