“Federation Day” campaign mission gameplay analysis from E3


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We were shown a brand new Call of Duty Ghosts mission behind closed doors at E3 yesterday called “Federation Day”. Before we begin with our second by second analysis, let us start off by saying it is by far the best of the 3 missions shown to date. In fact I would go as far as saying it was probably in the top 3 of all Call of Duty missions EVER (a bold statement, I know). I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t reveal that mission first as it looks 10x more “next-gen” then what has been shown so far.

We’re sure the footage will be revealed soon as then next step in their marketing plan but we don’t know when. No one was allowed to capture the footage by the way. We’ll let you know the second they release the footage but for now, enjoy our second by second gameplay analysis..

  • Start off on the rooftop of a sky scrapper at Caracas, Venezuela in June (10 years after mass event).
  • The player and his brother are waiting to meetup with a 3rd Ghosts member “hoping that he’ll show”.
  • After this 3rd unknown member arrives, your brother says “Time to prove your worth” and you meet up with him on the other side of the rooftop.
  • When you meetup, you’re treated to a beautiful view of Caracas that seems to be celebrating “Federation Day”.
  • Several fireworks are seen along with several helicopters flying over head in unison, then the mission begins…..


  • Your brother gives the order the whole time during the mission and seems to be either more experienced or an original Ghosts member.
  • There are 3 large crates on the roodtop waiting for you, after opening they reveal catapult rope launchers.
  • Your player and the team then has to fire a rope across to a neighboring building where you then zipline over to and then cutting the cord part of the way so you can swing to the side.
  • You hit the glass window hard cracking it but make it safely, you brother is on your right, unknown 3rd member on your left.
  • All 3 of you slow make your decent down the side of the building, floor by floor, taking out guards along the way.
  • You eventually enter a floor were you objective of finding a terminal is finally revealed.
  • Your player finds the terminal which takes approximately 15-20 seconds to hack as guards are approaching.
  • Turns out you are arming some type of device in the building.
  • You finish just in time as 2 guards walk by but then a 3rd guard turns to his right and spots you, thats when your brother comes out of the shadows from behind and stabs him (as seen above).


  • In the interest of time


  • With your objective complete, you make your way towards the window and all 3 repel down the side again, taking out more guards.
  • An explosion occurs and your player is thrown from the rope and lands next to 2 guards on a balcony.
  • While on the ground, you take out your knife and throw it at the first guard but the second guard is bringing his rifle up.
  • Just as he’s about to shoot you, your brother drops down on him from above and stabs him in the neck (which was f***ing awesome by the way)


  • Multiple explosion are happening in the building and it is now clear it isn’t stable.
  • Your brother yells “Neptune, we’ve been compromised!!”
  • You run through the floor down a flight of steps to another floor as the building starts to go side ways.
  • You slide along the floor shooting some bad guys along the way till you slide out the window into freefall.
  • Screen goes black
  • You’ll have to find out your fate in November…

Here’s an image of what the new knife looks like on Ghosts:

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