Battlefield 2042 players desperate to see classic features return

Joseph Pascoulis
Battlefield 2042 player with tank

Battlefield 2042 is finally here, and while some players have been enjoying the Multiplayer mode, some feel it needs to bring some classic features back.

Battlefield 2042‘s Multiplayer is a great addition to the franchise. Despite complaints about the launch weapons, the Portal mode and depth of settings and options have been fantastic.

New mechanics such as the Plus system have been welcomed, but some players feel some classic features need to return.

battlefield 2042 plus system

Battlefield 2042 scoreboard

Reddit user At0m11c wants one simple feature to return from previous Battlefield games. In their recent post, they call for the devs to “Bring back the traditional Scoreboard!”

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The scoreboard is an important part of Multiplayer FPS games, especially Battlefield. In the past, Battlefield’s scoreboard has provided information such as all the players on the teams and their performance.

The new scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 gives players much less information. Although it does give you a clear breakdown of your own performance, there isn’t much on the whole lobby.

The player believes the devs should bring the Battlefield 4 scoreboard back, calling it “a perfect scoreboard.” They aren’t the only one who feels this way either, as many are disappointed with the change: “Is that seriously not in the game? Very disappointing.”

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Battlefield 2042 medic indicator

Battlefield 2042 Maria Falck Specialist

Further, a Reddit user by the name of jamesswazz has pointed out yet another classic feature the players would like to return in Battlefield 2042. Much like the scoreboard issue, players aren’t happy that there is less information on nearby medics.

Back in previous iterations, players could see how close a medic was to them when they were down. This stopped players from quickly respawning and letting themselves bleed out. The Reddit user has played the medic role in the previous Battlefield games, and always enjoyed “running around reviving everyone.”

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Having said that, the player feels that “the opportunities to revive in 2042 are non-existent,” mostly due to the lack of a medic indicator.

Players are confused as to how this feature didn’t make the final game. The user feels DICE needs to add it in order to save the gameplay: “This needs to change for the sake of the game.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not DICE decides to return these classic features. One thing to note is that the game is currently very new and will likely go through various updates.

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Image Credits: DICE

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