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EA CEO responds to calls for Battlefield 2042 to add free-to-play mode

EA’s CEO has addressed Battlefield 2042’s lack of a free-to-play mode after criticism from players and fans.



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Battlefield 2042 was expected to have some kind of free-to-play mode to help it compete with rival shooters, but at the moment it doesn’t. EA’s CEO & Director has now addressed Battlefield 2042’s lack of a free-to-play mode and discussed future plans.

There is no saying that Battlefield 2042 had to come with a free-to-play mode on release, but given how competitive the shooter market is at the moment, it’s understandable why fans might have thought this.

After all, Call of Duty: Warzone is free, Apex Legends is free, Fortnite is free, and even Halo Infinite’s online multiplayer is going to be free. Despite this, Battlefield 2042 has no plans to have a free-to-play mode to entice new players anytime soon.

EA’s CEO & Director Andrew Wilson has now explained EA’s stance on the matter, offering some insight as to why this is.

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During EA’s Q2 2022 Earnings Call on November 3, 2021, an unidentified analyst posed the question: “You’ve talked about there being a strong free-to-play component within Battlefield ultimately. So I guess, putting aside the mobile extension, do you have a better sense of what that might look like now? Or do you need to see the engagement with the
various game modes, I guess, post launch?”

It seemed like for a period of time that EA was keeping the details of the new Hazard Zone mode wrapped up as it was going to be a free-to-play reveal, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Andrew Wilson explained: “I think when we look at our Battleford [sic] franchise today, we’ve acknowledged that it probably makes sense to have a free-to-play component to that overall ecosystem in the future. Job number one was truly a reinvention of the action shooter category. And I think that’s what they have sought to do.

“And that’s what they’ve achieved through this 128 player multiplayer giant expansion, more deep engagement in creativity through portal mode and innovative new modes in and around the game. I think the next phase of that is going to be the launch of the Battlefield mobile title.

“And then as we continue to expand that — and that in and of itself will serve tens of millions of players. I think as we then think about further expanding the play those over time, free-to-play will make sense for the franchise, but it’s not the focus right now.”

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Judging by these comments, it seems like EA does have plans to incorporate some kind of free-to-play element in Battlefield at some point, but not in the foreseeable future.

Mr Wilson’s words would suggest that Battlefield 2042’s launch on November 19, 2021, and then Battlefield Mobile will be the core focus moving forward, and once these footholds are established, then the free-to-play element will be next on the list.

What it will be remains to be seen. It could be a possible Battlefield battle royale mode, or it could be another new mode that will innovate in the way that Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal aim to do.

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