Activision Hints At More Frequent DLC & Content Variety


Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg answered a few questions for recently in regards to the upcoming DLC and what we might expect announced soon.

“The idea of giving people constant incremental playable content and making it so you’re never more than a few weeks away from the next new experience within the Call of Duty universe is part of what we’re experimenting with,” Hirshberg said. “This franchise doesn’t really behave like most franchises,” he said. “It’s become something of a year-round activity for a large percentage of our player population.”

Hirshberg said in order for Activision to be successful, “the company has to listen closely to the desires of its fans.. What they want, is more downloadable content.” Even though last year’s Black Ops had a record number of available maps and content, Hirshberg says that players want more.

“One of the things that was most appealing when we were researching these ideas with consumers is the idea of breaking up the DLC so that it comes more often and more regularly,” Hirshberg said. “We want to provide DLC to people more often and also experiment with more of a variety in the forms of playable content.

In the past, Infinity Ward and Activision hinted that DLC might include some form of Weapon DLC and even all new Spec-Ops Mission modes.

When asked about the future of Elite and DLC for future titles Hirshberg said, “The nature of this kind of service requires constant iteration, there are things (in development) that consumers don’t yet know they want… because they can’t imagine it,”