7 New Screenshots and Explaination of “Clan Operations”


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Beachhead Studios just released 7 brand new screenshots of ELiTE’s “Clan Operations” and also gave a quick breakdown of how it works in the Offical Call of Duty Forums. According to the forum post, they’re currently putting all Clan Operations through extensive testing but aren’t able to confirm the release date just yet. They only indicated that “it’s getting closer every day.”


Enlisting in a Clan Operation
-To Enlist in a Clan Operation, Clan Leaders will visit the Compete section and select a Clan Operation from the new Clan Operations section.

Clan Operation Details Page, members can view:
-The amount of Clan XP that they can earn by participating
-Their Clan’s enlistment status in the currently viewed Clan Operation
-Start date and time and End date and time
-members can also see the prizes, badges, scoring and winning criteria prior to the beginning of a Clan Operation.
-Clan Leaders will be able to enlist their Clan in the Clan Operation by selecting the enlistment status which will change to “Enlisted.”

Clan Showcase:
If your Clan performed well enough in a Clan Operation to earn a badge, your prizing will be displayed in your Clan Showcase on your ELITE Clan page below your Clan Feed.


SOURCE: Beachhead Studios Via Official Forums

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