CONFIRMED: 5 More Prestige Levels Being Added



UPDATE #2: Fourzerotwo just confirmed it’s LEGIT! However he only confirmed 5 more were added and there were 10 icons uploaded during the patch which probably mean Prestige 16-20 will be activated at a later time.

UPDATE #1: A total of 10 additional prestige emblems have been found in the latest PC update. Not sure why the menu screenshot only indicates 15 prestige’s though?


Looks like MW3 might be getting 5 more prestige levels sometime soon according to the latest PC update. An update went out for MW3 on PC via Steam today which supposedly added prestige icons for 11th-15th Prestige.

This wouldnt be the first time Steam leaked stuff early, a PC update that went out in December revealed the first 4 DLC maps which were confirmed this month. Not much is known other than these screenshots which look pretty legit but keep in mind nothing is confirmed.




SOURCE: Steam Forums Via @TWiiNSANE

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