Best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24

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Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K242K Games

2K Games introduced a lot of new features in NBA 2K24, including a significant overhaul to the badge system as well as the introduction of new Shooting badges. Here, we’ve compiled a ranked list of the best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24.

The MyTEAM mode is expected to be once again the most popular game mode in NBA 2K24. However, we cannot overlook the huge fan base that the MyCAREER mode has. Fans can fulfill their dream of playing in the NBA alongside or against their favorite players in pursuit of the ultimate goal: the NBA championship.

2K Games introduced a plethora of changes and new features in the new NBA 2K24, and the MyCAREER mode was no exception. The main change we’ll see in this mode is in the badge system. Every NBA 2K player knows how important badges are during any game, regardless of whether it’s an NBA game or a casual game with friends.

In this guide, you will find a ranked list of the best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24: Best Shooting badges ranked

2K Games have removed three Shooting badges (Clutch Shooter, Amped, and Volume Shooter) but introduced seven new ones, giving a total of 20 shooting badges in NBA 2K24. We’ve ranked them into S, A, and B-Tier. Check below which are the best Shooting badges that you should have in NBA 2K24.

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Stephen Curry in NBA 2K242K Games
Stephen Curry is the best 3PT shooter in NBA 2K24.


  • Limitless Range
  • Agent 3
  • Green Machine
  • Space Creator
  • Blinders
  • Whistle (NEW)

Limitless Range and Agent 3 continue to be two of the strongest Shooting Badges in NBA 2K24. Along with Green Machine and Space Creator, you can make three-pointers from almost anywhere on the court. The new Whistle badge will be present in most MyCAREER player builds. Whistle improves the chances of going to the free-throw line after creating contact.


  • Catch and Shoot
  • Claymore
  • Deadeye
  • Middy Magician
  • Spot Finder (NEW)
  • Hook Specialist (NEW)
  • Float Game (NEW)
  • Post-Fade Phenom (NEW)

In addition to the well-known badges, in the A-Tier, you’ll find badges related to mid-range and close-range shots, such as Hook Specialist, Post-Fade Phenom, Float Game, and Two Steps. These badges will be very helpful if your playstyle is not that of a perimeter shooter.


  • Slippery Off-Ball
  • Comeback Kid
  • Corner Specialist
  • Guard Up
  • Free Points (NEW)
  • Open Looks (NEW)

Finally, in the B-Tier, you have Corner Specialist and Slippery Off-Ball, which will help you a lot during your early days in the NBA when you have low ratings.

That’s all you need to know about the best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24. For more about the new 2K Games installment, check out our other related guides.

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