NBA 2K24 Season 7: Rewards, Agendas, more

Franco Diaz
Jamal Murray cover star of NBA 2K24 Season 7

Season 7 of NBA 2K24 arrived with a new batch of rewards, featuring free Dark Matter players, numerous boosters, and even two new vehicles for MyCareer Mode.

2K Games introduced Season 7 in NBA 2K24 with rewards for both MyTeam and MyCareer modes. Whether you want to strengthen your team or enhance your MyPlayer attributes, don’t miss out on playing NBA 2K24 Season 7 to earn a lot of boosters, cards, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about NBA 2K24 Season 7.

NBA 2K24 Season 7 release date

NBA 2K24 Season 7 arrived on May 17 at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST and will remain available until June 28, 2024, according to the current in-game Season Pass countdown.

This gives players plenty of time to grind the Season Pass and claim as many rewards as possible.

NBA 2K24 Season 7 rewards

NBA 2K24 Season 7 Dark Matter Nikola Jokic card
Complete the Season 7 Pass and enhance your MyTeam squad with the new 99 OVR Nikola Jokic card.

2K Games have introduced a new batch of rewards to claim during Season 7 of NBA 2K24. The main reward this time in MyTeam mode is a 99 OVR Nikola Jokic, while MyCareer mode features many boosted accessories, XP boosters, and even a new vehicle to travel in The City.

LevelMyTeam RewardsMyCareerPremium Pass Rewards
199 OVR Free Agent Jimmy ButlerSeason 7 TeeWhite MyPlayer Googles
230-Min 2XP Booster30-Min 2XP Booster2,500 VC
3Season 7 Ball & Uniform PackSeason 7 Ball30x Skill Boosts (5 games)
42x Ascension PicksLighting Bolt Shot MeterDiamond Shoe Boost Option Pack
(Pick 10 out of 15)
51x NBA Playoffs Pink Diamond PackCrown Player Indicator2,500 VC
6Emerald Prize BallEnergy Orb Green ReleaseBooster Armsleeve
(+1 Three-Point Shoot)
760-Min 2XP BoosterRockets & Hornets Banners4x 60-Min 2XP Booster
82x MyTeam TokensBoosted Accessory
(+1 Block)
2,500 VC
93x Ascension PicksScholar C-Tier Badge15x Gatorade Boosts (5 games)
10Pink Diamond Cameron ThomasGraduation CapNBA Playoffs Galaxy Opal Pack
11Bronze Badge Option Pack
(Pick 5 out of 15)
60-Min 2XP Booster2,500 VC
12Sapphire Prize BallStoudemire and Nash Banners2x 60-Min 2XP Booster
1360-Min 2XP BoosterSeason 7 Emote #110x Ascencion Picks
144x Asension PicksSun Player Indicator2,500
15NBA Playoffs Galaxy Opal PackSeason 7 Pro-Am Leg SleevesHot Pink Fedora
163x MyTeam TokensBoosted Accessory
(+1 Mid-Range Shot)
Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack
(Pick 3 out of 15)
17Silver Badge Option Pack
(Pick 5 out of 15)
Pistons & Hawks Banners2,500 VC
18Ruby Prize BallScholar B-Tier Badge30x Gatorade Boosts
(10 Games)
195x Ascension Picks60-Min 2XP Booster10,000 MyTeam Coins
2097 OVR Galaxy Opal Dillon BrooksWearable Mascots Costume
(Wizards, Cavs, or Hornets)
2,500 VC
21Diamond Shoe PackSilver Floor Setter2x 60-Min 2XP Booster
22Gold Badge Option Pack
(Pick 5 out of 15)
Season 7 Emote #26x 30-Min 2XP Booster
236x Ascension PicksBoosted Accessory
(+1 Close Shot)
2,500 VC
245x MyTeam Tokens60x Skill Boosts
(10 Games)
30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
25Pink Diamond Coach Avery JohnsonGolden LocsPink Diamond Coach Option Pack
(Pick 1 out of 6)
2660-Min 2XP BoosterBackboard & Jumpshot Banners2,500 VC
27Amethyst Prize Ball60-Min 2XP Booster2x 60-Min 2XP Booster
28Diamond Shoe Option Pack
(Pick 10 out of 15)
Blue, Pink, and White Ball Trail10x Ascension Picks
297x Ascension PicksScholar A-Tier Badge2,500 VC
3098 OVR Galaxy Opal Jerami GrantDrone ft. Teleportation Tech30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
31120-Min 2XP BoosterSeason 7 Emote #3NBA Playoffs Galaxy Opal Option Pack
328x Ascension PicksIrving & D-Rose Banners5,000 VC
33Diamond Shoe Boost Option Pack
(Pick 10 out of 15)
30x Gatorade Boosts
(10 games)
6x 30-Min 2XP Booster
34Diamond Prize Ball60-Min 2XP Booster15,000 MyTeam Coins
3599 OVR Dark Matter Jerry WestSeason 7 Championship Belt5,000 VC
3610x Ascension PicksSeason 7 SuitOversized Sweatshirt
37Dark Matter Player Wheel Spin120-Min 2XP BoosterDark Matter Player Option Pack
38Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack
(Pick 3 out of 15)
Scholar S-Tier Badge10,000 VC
3925,000 MyTeam Coins1x Hydraulic LowriderPremium Midnight Hydraulic Lowrider
4099 OVR Dark Matter Nikola Jokic1x Gold Floor SetterPro Pass Dark Matter Nikola Jokic

NBA 2K24 Season 7 Agendas

Agenda objectives are back in NBA 2K24 Season 7, and players can earn multiple MyTeam Tokens by opening packs or competing in all MyTeam game modes to acquire some Dark Matter players and coaches.

Win 400 Clutch Time Offline games 99 OVR Dark Matter J.R. Smith
Win 300 Clutch Time Offline games99 OVR Dark Matter J.R. Smith
Win 20 Unlimited games99 OVR Dark Matter Jalen Rose
Win 50 Clutch Time Online games99 OVR Dark Matter Bobby Jones
Win 100 Triple Threat Offline games 99 OVR Dark Matter Trae Young
Complete 30 daily winsDark Matter Coach Gregg Popovich
Score 30 points in a game with any player seven timesPink Diamond Coach Breanna Stewart
Open 25 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 50 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 75 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 100 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 125 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 150 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 175 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 200 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 250 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 300 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 350 Packs1x MyTeam Token
Open 400 Packs1x MyTeam Token

That’s everything you need to know about NBA 2K24 Season 7. We’ll make sure to keep this page updated as 2K Games reveal new Agenda objectives and their rewards.

When you unlock Dark Matter players, you’ll notice that it becomes much easier to dunk, shoot long-range threes, or even perform successful acrobatic moves like the Euro-Step or flashy passes thanks to the amount of Hall of Fame Badges these players have in NBA 2K24.

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