Unreleased Modern Warfare CX-9 is appearing once again

Joseph Pascoulis
Modern Warfare CX9

A Modern Warfare player has reported and uploaded a video of them using the CX-9 weapon in-game despite not being officially added to the first-person shooter.

Players have been reporting bugs all across Modern Warfare recently, with some players even blaming the constant Warzone updates.

Just last week, players were experiencing issues with the FiNN LMG, and now it seems one player has managed to use an unreleased weapon in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

Modern Warfare CX-9

Modern Warfare has seen better days, as Warzone takes most of its shine away nowadays. There has been an abundance of bugs and glitches that players have found, such as wallhacks and even code errors preventing players from actually playing online.

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Although Raven has been issuing fixes for these bugs, one player has been able to pick up the unreleased Modern Warfare CX-9 SMG in a multiplayer game, months after the initial glitch that allowed players to do so in custom matches.

Modern Warfare CX-9 weapon drop

Reddit user YeetoThatCheeto posted a video of them using the Modern Warfare CX-9 in a Shoot House lobby, using the caption “not too long ago I got a CX-9 from a weapon drop.”

A Weapon Drop is a Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare that can give the player either an attachment for their weapon or a customized weapon. It just so happens that this player was able to get a custom CX-9, which is a rare occurrence considering there are so many other weapons in the game.

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There is still a chance that this weapon will make an appearance in Modern Warfare and even Warzone. However, with Season 4 already releasing new weapons without the CX-9 in sight, players will have to stay patient until the SMG drops.

As others in the comments have speculated, it has been a while since this weapon was leaked, and perhaps the plans for its release have now been canceled.

Who knows, but what you can do is try your luck with Weapon Drops and see if you can experience the unreleased Modern Warfare CX-9 in multiplayer.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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