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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player suggests game-changing nerf for Dead Silence

One Warzone player is asking the developers to implement a change that will fix the Dead Silence field upgrade.



Stealth combat in Warzone

While the Dead Silence field upgrade can be useful for stealth in Warzone, a few players are frustrated with how it operates and are asking the developers to nerf it.

When you hop into a Warzone match, you can employ various tactics to take out your opponents stealthily. The Dead Silence field upgrade can help you out by allowing you to sprint more quietly.

However, this pickup has received significant criticism, as players can use it for a great amount of success thanks to its generous spawn rate and overall effectiveness. Fans have been calling for its spawn rate to be reduced, and now one player has a suggestion for the devs on how to fix it.

Using Dead Silence in Warzone

Reddit user arathersmallman came up with a potential change to Dead Silence in the CoD: Warzone subreddit. They suggested that the devs add a signal that lets you know when the field upgrade is being used.

“The change being to simply give it an audio cue when it is popped,” wrote the user. “It should be quite generous, so those within your general vicinity should hear it.”

This would let you know if an enemy is currently utilizing Dead Silence on the map, and you’d be able to plan a counter-strategy.

The proposed change was met with a positive response in the comments, with many users considering it a welcome adjustment. “This is very very smart,” wrote one user. “It doesn’t make the most sense but it’s good balance-wise.”

We don’t know for sure if the Warzone developers will actually implement this change in the game. However, they recently teased a perk rebalance to counter Dead Silence, so they’re at least aware of the community’s desire for this item to be addressed and look to be working on something for this major topic of discussion in the community.

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Image Credit: Activision