Modern Warfare players report Warzone Season 4 update broke FMJ

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare FMJ broken

Although Modern Warfare’s lifecycle is over, Warzone’s Season 4 update appears to have rendered the FMJ weapon perk useless in multiplayer.

Other than a surprise map and new weapon, Modern Warfare’s lifecycle has pretty much ended at this point, with the game being replaced by Black Ops Cold War. However, with Mastery Camos to earn and joint progression, there are still reasons to play 2019’s title.

Although the game didn’t receive any new content in Warzone Season 4’s update, Modern Warfare players have realized that the FMJ perk has been nerfed to the point that it’s unusable.

Modern Warfare FMJ weapon perk

In April, a Warzone patch broke Modern Warfare’s perks. Sleight of Hand, FMJ, and more were either not working as intended or simply didn’t work at all. Devs fixed this bug but it appears to have returned following the Season 4 update, significantly nerfing FMJ.

With how powerful Killstreaks can be in Modern Warfare, many players use one of their loadout slots specifically to deal with air support. An LMG fitted with FMJ is supposed to make quick work of these Killstreaks, but players have noticed it’s lost its effectiveness following Warzone’s Season 4 update.

The Modern Warfare subreddit has seen several posts calling out FMJs nerf, with players saying that the devs “broke” the weapon perk. User zombie2792 demonstrated the problem by showing how it takes almost 100 MG34 rounds to take down a harrier with FMJ equipped.

B1indsid3 gave more detail in describing FMJ’s nerf. “Just noticed it now takes like a dozen hits on a UAV to bring it down with FMJ,” they explained. Whereas before, they “could bring down a UAV with 3-4 Hits from Oden with FMJ.” B1indsid3 recommends that players avoid using the FMJ weapon perk for the time being.

Raven Software has fixed this frustrating glitch in the past, so Modern Warfare players should hang tight as the problem is likely to be fixed again soon.

Image Credit: Activision

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