Call of Duty: Modern Warfare January 14 Update – Gunfight Trios And More

Keshav Bhat

Infinity Ward has released the latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it brings updates playlists to MP.

January 14’s update sees the debut of a brand new variation of Gunfight: Gunfight Trios, 3v3. Regular 2v2 Gunfight still remains for players who want that mode.

The new playlist update brings the following changes:

  • NEW Playlist: Gunfight 3v3
  • NEW Playlist: Same Day Delivery – Cranked & Drop Zone
  • NEW Playlist: Shoot House 24/7

In addition, the Store bundles have rotated out again with new bundles, alongside some returning ones in case you missed them. Check the Store tab to see what’s available.