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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 fans spot homage to classic CoD mission in Farm 18 easter egg

Some eagle-eyed players have spotted a Call of Duty easter egg in the Farm 18 map of the Modern Warfare 2 beta.



Modern Warfare 2 Farm 18 map

With such a storied franchise at their disposal, the Modern Warfare 2 devs did not pass up the opportunity to pay homage to a classic Call of Duty mission with the Farm 18 map.

The second weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta is set to begin on September 22. This time around, the devs will be welcoming more players as the beta moves from PlayStation exclusivity to include Xbox and PC players who have early access.

Throughout the first weekend, PlayStation players provided their feedback and the result was a mixed bag. Players noted that the map design and entertaining gameplay improved notably from Modern Warfare 2019, but the lack of a few sought-after features continues to be an issue.

The beta was truly the first time that players could explore and discover Modern Warfare 2 in all its glory. With this exploration came new discoveries as fans couldn’t help but notice a familiar sight.

One user took to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit to point out that one of the accessible buildings in the Farm 18 map is practically identical to an iconic building from the very first Call of Duty game.

The building in question is from 2003’s Call of Duty, and long-time fans of the franchise will remember it from the infamously challenging Pavlov’s House mission as well as the Pavlov multiplayer map.

As you can see from the side-by-side images above, the eerie similarities are more than just a coincidence. Infinity Ward likely chose to celebrate the iconic Call of Duty setting with Modern Warfare 2’s Farm 18.

The comments were full of players reminiscing about the classic map: “No way! That’s amazing, it’s one of my favorite maps from COD1.”

Most players also took the opportunity to remind each other of just how painstakingly difficult the Pavlov’s House mission was: “That campaign mission in CoD1 was such a pain in the a**.” 

There’s no doubt that the mention of Pavlov’s House was a blast of nostalgia for some players. It turns out that this trip down memory lane resulted in one player suggesting that the devs should “remake some other cod1 maps.”

Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps are rumored to make their way to Modern Warfare 2 (2022) post-launch, but perhaps players would like to see some bigger throwbacks dating all the way back to the franchise’s roots.

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Image Credit: Activision