How to unlock Slimline Pro Optic attachment in Modern Warfare 2

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Slimline Pro Optic Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players have been losing their minds trying to figure out how to unlock the Slimline Pro Optic in Modern Warfare 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the attachment.

Oftentimes, the meta Optic for Assault Rifles and SMGs in Call of Duty is the sight that is the least obtrusive and easiest to hit your shots with. The same can be said for Modern Warfare 2 as the Slimline Pro Optic seems like one the best options based on its sleek nature.

When visiting the Gunsmith and looking through the list of Optics, the menu will indicate the unlock requirement that’s necessary to access the attachment.

However, one sight, in particular, has got players wondering how to unlock the Slimline Pro Optic in Modern Warfare 2.

Slimline Pro Optic unlock requirement

How to unlock MW2 Slimline Pro Optic

To unlock the Slimline Pro Optic in Modern Warfare 2, players need to level up the Lachmann MP5 Sub until it gets to Level 11.

The only problem is that the Best Lachmann Sub MP5 also needs its own unlock requirements meeting first.

Here’s a full outline of how to get the Slimline Pro Optic in MW2:

  1. Level up the Lachmann-762 to Level 13.
  2. This unlocks the Lachmann-556.
  3. Now, level up Lachmann-556 until it reaches Level 12.
  4. You should now have the Lachmann MP5 Sub.
  5. Finally, level it up until it’s Level 11, and you should have the Slimline Pro Optic.

If you want to test out your new attachment, you can check it out in the Firing Range.

Best alternative to Slimline Pro in Modern Warfare 2

For players who are looking to slap a clean precision sight Optic onto their Assault Rifles or other long-range weapons, the Cronen Mini Red Dot is another great option available in Modern Warfare 2.

In order to unlock the Cronen Mini Red Dot, you’ll have to utilize and level up three different weapons.

Here’s how to unlock the Cronen Mini Red Dot in Modern Warfare 2:

  1. Unlock the FTAC Recon by getting the M4 to Level 13.
  2. Then, unlock the FSS Hurricane by getting the FTAC Recon to Level 16.
  3. Finally, get your FSS Hurricane to Level 3 and the sight will be yours.

Optics are considered universal attachments in Modern Warfare 2, meaning you only have to unlock them once instead of once per weapon.

You’ll be able to apply the Cronen Mini Red Dot to all weapons that are able to equip it.

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