MLB The Show 24: How to rob a home run

Franco Diaz
MLB The Show 24 player robbing a home run

If you want to drive the fans crazy playing in MLB The Show 24 as an Outfielder, you must try to rob a home run. This play requires a lot of practice, but if done correctly, you’ll make everyone remember that memorable play, especially if you do it in an online match.

In MLB The Show 24, just as the Pitcher is the most important player in defense, every team must also have standout Outfielders who ensure to return the ball as quickly as possible, preventing opponents from reaching home plate.

However, this is not their only task, if a hitter with a good average hits the ball, your Outfielder must be fast and with good reflexes in case the opportunity to steal a home run arises.

If you don’t know how to rob a home run, here are all the details you need to know, including the inputs for PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

How to rob a home run in MLB The Show 24

To rob a home run in MLB The Show 24, you must press the jump button (R1/RB) at the precise moment when the ball is about to leave the field over the boundaries.

This way, your Outfielder will jump, catch the ball just as it is about to be marked as a home run, and register an out for the opposing team. Although this play seems simple to execute, it is not easy because you need two factors: the attributes of the Outfielder and the timing to perform the jump.

MLB The Show 24 player catching
Outfielders need to be fast and have a great fielding rating to rob a home run in MLB The Show 24.

Firstly, for the attempted home run robbery to have a higher chance of success, the Outfielder must have high Speed and Fielding ratings. Additionally, you must learn the timing to execute the jump.

Once the ball is hit, a guide path will appear on the field indicating where you should stand to make the catch. However, if it ends at a wall and three yellow arrows appear, it indicates that you must become a hero and bring that ball back from the outside.

As the ball approaches, the yellow arrows will turn green, and when the third arrow turns green, you should wait an extra second and press R1/RB to rob the home run. The best way to master this is through practice, and due to the high speed at which the ball travels, it’s likely that you will fail in your first attempts.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know to rob a home run in MLB The Show 24.

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