All MLB The Show 24 game modes explained: Diamond Dynasty, Storylines, more

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Texas Ranges celebrating World Series MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 early access is just around the corner and that’s why many fans are eager to learn about the new features and changes that San Diego Studios introduced into the game modes. Check out all the game modes in MLB The Show 24 and the new additions and changes the developers have introduced.

MLB The Show 24 will arrive on March 19 on almost all platforms, but eager fans can jump to the game earlier through early access. Many baseball fans are also wondering about MLBThe Show 24 game modes, which can truly make or break the franchise’s latest edition.

San Diego Studios unveiled all the game modes of MLB The Show 24 during the reveal trailer, and while no new modes were announced, the devs have introduced plenty of new features to the classics.

On that note, here are all the game modes of MLB The Show 24 and their new features explained.

Los Angeles Dodgers' Shohei Ohtani MLB The Show 24
MLB The Show 24 offers the opportunity to play as your favorite baseball player.

All MLB The Show 24 game modes

Here’s a list of all MLB The Show 24 game modes:

  • Storylines
    • Negro Leagues Season 2
    • Derek Jeter
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Road to the Show
  • Franchise
  • March to October


In the Storylines Mode, players can recreate historic games using some of the best baseball players of all time. It is the ideal game mode for those who are taking their first steps in the MLB The Show franchise, as well as for loyal baseball fans.

Negro Leagues Season 2

San Diego Studios have confirmed that Storylines: Negro Leagues Season 2 will feature ten legends of baseball. Four of them will arrive with the game’s launch, while the rest will be revealed in two groups of three players every 14 days. Check out the list of legends revealed so far:

  • Josh Gibson – The Black Babe Ruth
  • Buck Leonard – Baseball’s Greatest Fastball Hitter
  • Hank Aaron – The Hammer
  • Toni Stone – The Trailblazer

All these players will arrive at the launch. We’ll make sure to update this page once SDS reveal the other players.

Josh Gibson in MLB The Show 24
Josh Gibson will be available at launch in MLB The Show 24 Storylines: Negro Leagues Season 2.

Derek Jeter

The devs have also confirmed a new Storyline in MLB The Show 24 with “The Captain” Derek Jeter as the main protagonist. Those who pre-order any special edition of the game (MVP, Deluxe, or Negro Leagues Edition) will unlock this new Storyline and recreate the highlights of Jeter’s career.

Diamond Dynasty

In MLB The Show 24’s Diamond Dynasty, players will have the opportunity to create their dream team using players from all eras, including current MLB stars and all-time greats. This game mode, similar to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team or NBA 2K24 MyTeam modes, has also new features such as In-Season Cards, Team Affinity’s drops, and more.

Check out some of the most important features and changes introduced in MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty:

  • New Season Length:
    • The devs have decided to extend the season length from eight to 12 weeks. Every season will be active for three months instead of two as in previous installments. It’s also expected they will be extending promo length and making the Season Pass larger with more rewards.
  • New In-Season Cards:
    • In-Season Cards are any cards released during the current, active season. So, as new seasons arrive, any cards that are no longer “in season” can only be used in a Wild Card slot for all subsequent seasons. San Diego Studios have also added a new Wild Card slot.
  • More Team Affinity drops:
    • San Diego Studios announced an improvement on Team Affinity drops as this feature will be released three times per season, allowing players to get more cards from their favorite teams.

Road to the Show

In MLB The Show 24, one of the most popular game modes makes a return. Road to the Show (RTTS) is the traditional career mode where you can create your player and start your journey from the minors to the majors.

However, in MLB The Show 24, fans will be able to create their female player as the protagonist of the RTTS Mode. This new feature surprised many and could be the first step for the MLB The Show franchise to add women’s baseball, much like EA FC 24 did.

MLB The Show RTTS woman player
In MLB The Show 24 RTTS, fans can create their female player as protagonist and win a lot of awards.


In Franchise mode, players will be able to lead their team to World Series glory as team managers. Just like in previous editions, as a GM players will need to fulfill certain coaching, development, and managerial tasks to ensure the success of their team.

March to October

March to October is a much more dynamic version of the Franchise mode where you quickly jump onto the field to compete. In this game mode, matches are simulated until a certain “key moment” that will require control of the entire team or a specific player.

Those were all the game modes available in MLB The Show 24. We’ll make sure to update this page with all new features.

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