How to play MLB The Show 24 early access

Franco Diaz
MLB The Show 24 player hitting

If you’re an eager fan of MLB The Show 24, you should know that you can play before its official release through early access. Check when and how to participate in MLB The Show early access.

MLB The Show 24 arrives on all consoles on March 19, but certain editions of the game feature an early access period. Fans can choose between four options, each loaded with more content than the previous one, but only a select few come with MLB The Show 24 early access.

If you’re looking to test out MLB The Show‘s classic game modes such as Diamond Dynasty, Road to The Show, and Franchise Mode early, we’ve got you covered.

Check out everything you need to know about MLB The Show 24’s early access date and time.

MLB The Show 24 early access release date & time

MLB The Show 24 early access arrived on Friday, March 15 at 12 AM ET to all players who have pre-order either the MVP, Deluxe, or Negro Leagues edition of MLB The Show 24.

Texas Rangers celebrating the MLB Championship in MLB The Show 24.
In MLB The Show 24, you can play as your favorite team and lead them to the World Series.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that all the progress players achieve during early access will be saved, which means that after the worldwide launch on March 19, they can continue playing the saves that they started earlier.

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