What do llamas eat in Minecraft? Breeding & taming guide

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Two Minecraft Llamas

Llamas are arguably the most sought-after pet in Minecraft because they’re cute and grant extra storage. If you’re confused about what llamas eat in Minecraft and how to breed and tame them, this guide will help you.

Having a llama in Minecraft is highly beneficial because you can attach two chests on their backs and based on the animal’s randomized strength, these chests can offer up to 15 slots of storage. Hence, before going on a long exploration journey, make sure that you have some Llamas and a lead to control their movement.

You can tame and breed llamas as well but for that, you need to know what they eat. This guide will reveal what llamas eat in Minecraft, and how to breed and tame them.

Snowy llamas in Minecraft

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Llamas in Minecraft eat hay bales. The food item heals them and even helps in taming and breeding.

You can find hay bales primarily in plains villages where you can mine them with any tool. Do not expect to find them in barren lands, deserts, or savanna villages.

You can also craft a block of hay bale with nine pieces of wheat. Fill an entire 3×3 crafting grid with wheat to get one block of the hay bale.

Wheat is abundantly found in the Overworld and you can also visit villages where there’s a high chance that you’ll spot a wheat farm. Collect wheat seeds by breaking the crop and thereafter, you can grow it yourself.

How to tame llamas in Minecraft

Repeatedly sit on a llama until it no longer kicks you off to tame it and you can boost this process by feeding it hay bale. When hearts appear over the animal’s head, you can consider it tamed.

Do note that tamed llamas cannot be saddled like horses. As a result, the only way to control a llama’s movement in the game is a lead. You can ride a tamed llama but it won’t follow your directions.

Interestingly, if you use a lead to bring a tamed llama on a journey, all the nearby llamas will also follow you even if they’re untamed.

Group of llamas following a player

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

To breed llamas, bring two tamed adult llamas near each other and feed them both hay bales. Heart signs should appear over their head and a baby llama should spawn. The color of the baby resembles one of the parents.

The baby llama grows into an adult in approximately 20 minutes, and yet again, hay bale can help you speed up the process.

A player riding a Llama in Minecraft

All in all, you won’t regret having a llama buddy in Minecraft. They can be great partners during exploration and with a lead, you can even place them on boats and bring them along on voyages. Last but not least, there are sixteen unique llama looks that can be unlocked by placing carpets over them.

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