How to tame parrots in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
Parrots in MinecraftMojang

Parrots are some of the most adorable creatures in Minecraft. However, they have unique sounds, abilities, and animations, so here’s how to find and tame parrots in Minecraft.

Minecraft has tons of creatures roaming around its vast lands. From real-life inspirations like cats and llamas to fantasy creatures like Allays and the Warden, you can bring along a wide range of animals in your journey to slay the Ender Dragon and make an entire Minecraft empire for yourself.

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While many players might be familiar with how to tame cats or wolves, they might not know that Minecraft also allows players to tame parrots. This is due to the parrot being a rare animal to spawn in the Minecraft world. It only spawns in the Jungle biome and even there, the spawn rate is quite low.

Here’s everything you need to know about taming parrots in Minecraft.

Minecraft character running through the jungle with beesMojang
Players can tame many animals in Minecraft, including parrots.

Where to find a parrot in Minecraft

There’s a 0.2 % chance of a parrot spawning in Minecraft, and that number is exclusive to the jungle biomes. You can find them in a group at Y=70 or above on logs, leaves, or grass blocks.

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Parrots are passive mobs implying that they won’t attack you. You can try taming them when they sit on the ground to rest.

You can easily identify a jungle biome in Minecraft, thanks to the dense light-green trees. Check out the image below to see how it looks.

Jungle biome in MinecraftMojang
The Jungle biome is home to parrots in Minecraft.

How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Parrots in Minecraft can be tamed by feeding them wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds. You can explore the open world and break tall grass to get a decent amount of wheat seeds easily.

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Each seed has a 1/10 chance of successfully taming a parrot. Hence, repeatedly feed the bird until you can no longer feed it. This will indicate that the parrot is now tamed as you cannot feed tamed parrots in Minecraft.

A tamed parrot sits on your shoulder and imitates the voices of nearby mobs. It can also dance and is arguably one of the most fun pets to have in the game.

A Minecraft parrot sitting on a player's shoulderMojang
Parrots are quite friendly in Minecraft.

Interestingly enough, tamed parrots in Minecraft only eat chocolate cookies but instantly die after doing so. The developers intentionally added this mechanic to inform players about the ill effects of feeding chocolate to parrots in real life.

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Can you breed parrots in Minecraft?

Parrots in Minecraft do not have a baby form, therefore, you cannot breed them. Feeding two parrots that are close to each other won’t do anything, and the only way to spawn a parrot is through the spawn egg in Creative.

Minecraft players who desperately want to breed parrots can rely on mods and add-ons. The vanilla version of the game might get an update soon that adds the feature officially.

This was everything to know about taming parrots in Minecraft.

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