What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft? Breeding & taming guide

Rishabh Sabarwal
Minecraft axolotls cover

Minecraft Axolotls are aquatic mobs that you will encounter after hopping in the game, and the adorable creatures have won over players. If you’re looking to breed and tame them, then here’s what Axolotls eat in Minecraft.

Mojang has been quite active in expanding Minecraft’s world from Bedrock to Dungeons, and eventually introducing its Cave and Cliffs expansion. However, the latter had added Axolotls to the game and gave players some interesting underwater creatures to interact with.

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Axolotls are amphibians who are also tameable underwater mobs in lush caves. They are effective in helping players with aquatic combat. Since they’ve become fan favorites, you may be wondering how you can win their trust.

Here’s what Axolotls eat along with how to breed and tame them in Minecraft.

What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft

Axolotls are fascinating amphibians in Minecraft who usually feast on tropical fish or buckets of tropical fish. They were one of the mobs in the Caves and Cliffs expansion released in Summer 2021. Players can interact with them like any other mob in the game.

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Tropical fish spawn underwater in warm, lukewarm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes between Y=50 and Y=64 levels. They spawn in lush caves as well and you can find an Axolotl there too.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs charactersMojang Studios
Minecraft is filled with creatures for you to tame.

How to tame an Axolotl

All you need to do is bring a bucket of water along, tap on the Axolotl, and it’s yours to keep. Axolotls are tameable mobs but are nowhere similar to cats or foxes in how a player can tame them. Instead, players use a lead to bring them along.

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Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab a bucket of water.
  2. Bring it to the Axolotl.
  3. Tap on the Axolotl.
  4. Keep the Axolotl as your pet.

You can place it down back again by replacing the water bucket containing it, the same way you picked it up. Axolotls aid players in a major way by supporting them as a pet, protecting them from pesky underwater creatures, and helping them with combat situations.

How to breed Axolotls in Minecraft

You can breed Axolotls in Minecraft by feeding them tropical fish.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Collect a tropical fish.
  2. Use a bucket or a lead to bring two Axolotls close to each other.
  3. Feed them both tropical fish or a bucket of tropical fish.
  4. A baby Axolotl spawns after the breeding is done.

A baby Axolotls grows into an adult in 20 minutes. You can speed up this process by feeding it fish as each tropical fish cuts down the time by 10%. The baby Axolotl follows its parents until adulthood like several other animal mobs.

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Axolotl fed fish MinecraftMojang Studios
You’ll need to get a bucket of fish before breeding the Axolotl.

There is a wider range of creatures who roam the free land like horses and a bunch of player-base has just scratched the surface of the potential of their world. Nevertheless, Mojang is keeping Minecraft alive by strengthening its multiplayer base and offering regular updates.

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